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  1. Effective ways to keep warm at night

    Effective ways to keep warm at night
    During the cold winter days, or even in early spring when warm days contrast sharply with cooler nights, maintaining a comfortable temperature while sleeping can be difficult. At home, if you prefer to keep central heating costs to a minimum, the air temperature in your bedroom can drop suddenly, while in hotels achieving a consistent climate can be downright difficult. Both hot and cold temperatures have the effect of stimulating your body’s natural alarm clock, meaning that without the optimum temperature, you’re more likely to suffer a restless night. Fortunately some simple remedies can help to give you a warmer, more comfortable night’s sleep Continue reading →
  2. 5 Common Sleep Myths Explained

    5 Common Sleep Myths Explained
    Sleep is a topic that has been studied for hundreds of years, yet it is only in the last century that scientists have begun to look into the physiology of our non-waking lives. However, despite the technological and scientific advances, there are still plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding this important aspect of our lives. Let us dispel some for you! Continue reading →
  3. Ask Ian!

    ASK ANY QUESTION AND SEE IF YOU CAN STUMP HIM!   Ever wondered how best to care for your linens or how is the best way to remove stains? Now's your chance to find out! 'Ask Ian' allows you to ask all the questions you have about linens, and Ian our Quality Manager will answer them! Continue reading →
  4. 7 Day Sale

    For the 7 days you can get 15% off the value of your order. Hurry though as the offer end 1st February 2012. Click Here to get your special code.
  5. Expansion of Textile Mills in the late 19th – early 20th Centuries onwards

    In the next in our series looking into the history of Textiles in the North West, learn about the rapid expansion of cotton mills in the early 20th century, how items were produced and what life was like for the workers of the day. Click here to view the article.
  6. Who was the original Richard Haworth?

    The original Richard Haworth can be seen as an example of the classic Victorian entrepreneur who rose from virtual poverty to wealth and recognition in the North West region. Click here to view his incredible story with the faimily history dating back to the reign of Henry 2nd.
  7. Richard Haworth wins Caterersearch.com Web Award

    Richard Haworth wins Caterersearch.com Web Award
    Online shop accolade The Richard Haworth online linen shop has been honoured in the prestigious Caterersearch.com Web Awards 2010. The annual awards ceremony recognises outstanding examples of web design in the UK hospitality industry, in categories such as hotels, restaurants, marketing and social media. Richard Haworth, supplier of luxury table, Continue reading →
  8. Want to turn a Dragon's Den into a great B&B?

    Former BBC Dragon talks up B&B potential of current property Former Dragon's Den judge Rachel Elnaugh has talked up the potential of turning her current property into a high-quality bed and breakfast once it is taken off the market. The 45-year-old owns a £1 million hillside house in Bakewell but is looking to move closer to London in an attempt to make it easier to exploit any business opportunities which come her way. Elnaugh lives in the house with her second husband Chris Little along with their five children aged from two to 14. She told The Daily Mail that it could easily be converted into a quality bed and breakfast. She said: Continue reading →
  9. Pack less 'and still enjoy holiday'

    Pack less 'and still enjoy holiday'For many women, packing the bare essentials to go on holiday may seem like an impossible task. While people can more or less be guaranteed that items such as wholesale towels and other hotel supplies will be offered by their vacation accommodation, when it comes to clothes, knowing what to put in a suitcase can be tricky. Luckily, Belinda White, fashion director of handbag.com, is on hand to offer some advice on the best capsule wardrobe for ladies to pack to ensure they are covered for every eventuality and still stay on trend. Continue reading →
  10. How wholesale bedding can add luxury to camping

    How wholesale bedding can add luxury to camping The Daily Mail's Emma Kennedy admits that she has never been a fan of camping since an unpleasant holiday experience at the age of 13, while her father burnt their tent as he believed it was the source of their vacation woes. However, today little luxuries like real beds covered with wholesale bedding, hot running water and sturdy shelter are showing that camping has changed. Continue reading →

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