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Ask Ian!



Ever wondered how best to care for your linens or how is the best way to remove stains? Now's your chance to find out! 'Ask Ian' allows you to ask all the questions you have about linens, and Ian our Quality Manager will answer them!




We invite you to submit your own questions online in the form below. Each month, we'll select a handful of user-submitted questions to publish online with answers from Ian.




Ian Yates QA ManagerIan has been working in the textile industry for over 25 years and what he doesn’t know about textiles isn’t worth knowing!  He is one of the last remaining quality managers in the linen manufacturing industry and is 'au fait' with bleaching, dyeing and finishing processes and has run a variety of accredited laboratories. His role is vital to ensure the standard of our goods and his particular nature even includes how he drinks Coke, which is only with ice and a slice of lime!


Need inspiration? Here are some questions that our customers have sent through:

  • What temperature should i wash my bed linens?
  • What's the best way to clean a pillow?
  • Should i use softener when washing towels?



8 thoughts on “Ask Ian!”

  • Donna Meade

    Hi - I'm looking for a duvet and duvet cover for a domestic bed, 200 x 150 cm (which I think is perhaps King Size). I wondered how wide a duvet should be for a 150 cm width bed. Your King Size is 225 or 230 cm wide, which would leave a drop on each side of nearly 40 cm - would that be usual?

    • David

      Hi Donna, you are quite correct, that is a standard King size bed. A standard king duvet and duvet cover will fit fine, note our hotel style duvet covers are oversized for the hospitaility sector so i would advise the domestic size which is as per the high street.

  • Sean

    Are your towels and bed linen fire retardant and washable at 60 degrees?

    - yes our ranges of bed and bath linen can be washed at 60 degrees not a problem. they are not fire retardant however.

  • Sav

    Hi can you tell me why after washing a mattress topper bought from yourselves it clumps in balls rather than flat as when purchased thanks

    Hi Sav, this sounds like the topper has been spun and too high a speed which has resulted in clumps in the topper. These can be removed by teasing each pocket however in future ensure the wash cycle is either for a duvet, or the spin on the wash cycle doesn't go 360 degrees and instead simply rocks the topper, almost like a swing. Duvets and Toppers need the lowest spin setting possible.

  • Denise Clarke

    Hi Ian,
    I'm very interested in napkins and oval table cloths.The table tops measure 185cm x 153cm.
    Can I buy some sample napkins before ordering in quantity and do you have a colour chart please?
    Denise (Perfect Day)

  • Merrilie Cameron
    Merrilie Cameron July 20, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    I have a white Signature Plus Tablecloth and it has a red (now pink) candle wax stain on it. I have used an iron and absorbant paper then washed the stain locally then put into a hot wash in the machine. I have also tried neat bleach and various propriety cleaners but still have the stain. There are several stains and one is quite large as a guest tipped a red tea light holder over and the melted wax spilled out! Have you any other ideas?
    Thank you

    - I'm sorry to hear that Merrilie. We would advise washing the product at 90 degrees with plenty of detergent and vanish oxy clean, then washing again at 60 degrees. Hopefully then the wax stain will be reduced.

  • Cheryl

    How do you wash percales?

    - It is very important to remember percale fabrics dry out very quickly and so it is vital to iron the products directly after washing at the recommended temperature to avoid an unwanted creased finish. This should result in a perfect crease-free finish.

  • Dave

    My 100% Cotton Bed Linen feels hard and looks creased after washing and drying, how can this be fixed?

    - Dave, this sounds like you are over-drying your linen. Make sure there is still moisture in your bed linen and use a hot iron. This should drastically reduce the hard creasing.

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