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Effective ways to keep warm at night

During the cold winter days, or even in early spring when warm days contrast sharply with cooler nights, maintaining a comfortable temperature while sleeping can be difficult. At home, if you prefer to keep central heating costs to a minimum, the air temperature in your bedroom can drop suddenly, while in hotels achieving a consistent climate can be downright difficult. Both hot and cold temperatures have the effect of stimulating your body’s natural alarm clock, meaning that without the optimum temperature, you’re more likely to suffer a restless night.

Fortunately some simple remedies can help to give you a warmer, more comfortable night’s sleep:

Go natural

Pyjamas or night clothes are clearly an effective way of helping your body to retain heat during the night, but synthetic fibres are less efficient insulators. Therefore, always choose natural fabrics such as cotton or wool, which will help to retain heat for longer. Also, don’t forget that heat can escape from any part of the body that is exposed; while wearing a hat might not be practical when sleeping (although fashionable onesies often come complete with a hood if you can stand to wear one), wearing some thick bed socks can help to prevent unnecessary heat loss from your feet.

Invest in a quality duvet

Of course, the better the quality of duvet, the more likely they will be to offer you a comfortable night’s sleep. Our premium natural Goose Down duvet will draw away heat and moisture from your body as you sleep, yet retaining sufficient warmth that will help you to sleep more comfortably throughout the night.

Boost your circulation… gently

Some light exercise shortly before bedtime – Pilates, yoga or even some simple stretching exercises – can boost your circulation, helping your body to keep warm. Remember that vigorous exercise shortly before you retire will only make you more alert, especially if your heart rate increases dramatically, so avoid cardiovascular activity that could have the opposite effect of sending you into a deep sleep.

If you’re staying in a hotel, a gentle swim in the pool would be an ideal way to prepare your body for rest.

Warm up the bed

If it’s hard to create natural warmth in the room, try a hot water bottle (preferably wrapped in a cover or towel to prevent accidental scalding), or an electric blanket if one is available.

Often, people tend to place extra layers of bedding on top of their duvet in the belief it will help to retain warmth and, to some degree, this is true. However, a very effective technique is to use an under blanket, especially if it is fleece-lined, as this can help to prevent warmth from escaping through the mattress.

By taking some simple steps, whether you’re at home or away, you can help to create a comfortable climate in your bed that will help you to enjoy a peaceful sleep, leaving you refreshed and fully charged to face the new day.

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