Never underestimate the value of a bed. It’s the place where you replenish energy after a long day. Where you unwind and rest. Where you dream. As we spend so much of our lives in bed, it’s no surprise that those with big budgets have cash to splash when it comes to getting 40 winks. By combining technology, premium materials and design, the most expensive bed in the world promises to take sleep to the next level. 

Keep reading to discover the world’s most expensive beds and what makes them so pricey.

What makes a bed expensive?

When it comes to new beds, there are a range of things that make one more expensive than the other. Here are some things that make a bed more premium:


With a bigger bed comes more workmanship and more materials. So naturally a larger bed commands a higher price. The most expensive beds in the world are all super sized, with the priciest mattress measuring a whopping 305cm x 305cm.


Of course, a bed’s price tag will automatically rise if it’s adorned with gold leaf and crystals. However, what really makes an impact on sleep is the mattress you’re sleeping on. The materials that go into making a premium mattress tend to be natural. High-quality fibres like organic cotton, linen and wool are preferable because their breathability makes for a more comfortable sleep. 

How they’re made

Another thing that goes into making a premium bed is expert craftsmanship. When a mattress is hand-sewn, a bed frame carved by hand and attention paid to the smallest detail, you get a finer finish. The companies behind the world’s most expensive beds employ expert craftspeople to ensure the highest standard of finish.

The world’s most expensive beds

With new beds and mattresses entering the market every year, the world’s most expensive bed is constantly changing. But one thing’s for sure, they all combine the highest quality craftsmanship and materials to achieve the title. With so many beds available, we’ve whittled the list down to four of the world’s most expensive beds:

World’s most expensive bed

If you’re looking for splendour, then the Baldacchino Supreme answers the call. This opulent four-poster bed is adorned with 107 kg of solid 24 carat gold, as well as gold leafing and optional diamond buttons. The bed itself is crafted using chestnut, ash and cherry woods, with an Italian silk canopy. It’s no wonder this bed commands a price tag of over £4 million.

Most expensive mattress

For the world’s most expensive mattress, look no further than iconic Swedish brand, Hästens. It takes expert craftspeople 600 hours to hand-make the Grand Vividus mattress. They combine natural materials like horsehair, flax and wool with a unique spring structure designed for optimal comfort. You can expect to pay over £300,000 for the luxury.

Most expensive smart bed

Picture a bed that monitors your sleep, temperature and humidity, massages your feet and plays calming music. Sounds good right? The HiCan bed offers all the above and more. Coming with a six-figure price tag, the bed combines state-of-the-art technology with sumptuous Italian design.

Most expensive modern bed

If you’re looking for a seven-figure sleep, look no further than Janjaap Ruijssenaars’ Floating Bed. This innovative bed is suspended above the ground thanks to opposing magnets strategically placed underneath. A strikingly modern design, you’re literally floating on cloud nine with this bed.

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