Choose from our full range of high quality hotel pillows to suit every UK hotels needs. From Hollowfibre pillows, Microfibre pillows to our luxurious Goose Down Feather pillows. We have a pillow to suit your bedding setting. Buy quality UK pillows online.

  1. Hollowfibre Pillows
    Hypo-Allergenic Hollowfibre Pillows
    From £6.91

    Our 30oz hard Hollowfibre Pillows are available in Standard and Euro sizes. Flame retardant to BS 5852 source 2, these non allergenic pillows feature a polycotton outer and hollowfibre polyester inner.

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    100% Hollowfibre Polyester Filling
  2. Clusterfill Pillows
    Hypo-Allergenic Clusterfill Pillows
    From £13.58

    Our premium non allergenic Clusterfill Pillows are now available with a finer denier filling to give a wonderfully soft and comfy pillow, yet still maintaining their shape and loft.

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    100% Clusterball Filling
  3. Soft Micro Down Hypo-Allergenic Pillows
    Soft Micro Down Hypo-Allergenic Pillows
    From £13.73

    The soft Micro Down Pillow is designed to provide a luxury goose down like soft feel yet is synthetic and features a hypoallergenic filling. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies, but don’t want to substitute on quality.

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    100% Microfibre filling
  4. Micro Down Hypo-Allergenic Pillows
    Micro Down Hypo-Allergenic Pillows
    From £14.30

    The Microfibre Down Pillow adds an extra level of support yet still provides a luxury goose down like soft feel. Enclosed in a luxury 200 thread count 100% cotton case, this 100% microfibre synthetic filling is hypoallergenic so ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

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    100% Microfibre filling
  5. Goose Feather Pillows
    Goose Feather Pillows
    From £19.54

    Goose feather pillow is a very economical natural fill pillow. Made from 85% Goose feather and 15% Goose down. Goose feather pillows are available in Standard and Euro sizes.

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    85% Goose Feather / 15% Goose Down
  6. Goose Down Pillows
    Goose Down Pillows
    From £61.90

    Goose down pillows are the ultimate in luxury. Made from the finest goose down and fine feathers, 80% Goose down and 20% Goose feather. The pillow is encased in a 100% cotton cambric cover with a fine 233 thread count.

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    80% Goose Down / 20% Goose Feather

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Further Details

Luxury Hotel Bed Pillows

Remember that hotel where you had the best night's sleep? With our range of luxurious pillows, you can recreate that magic. Our selection of pillows are trusted by leading hotels, so you can enjoy five-star comfort in your hotel or even home. From luxury goose feather to hypo-allergenic pillows, browse our collection to find the right option for you.

Why shop with Richard Haworth?

There's a reason why the UK's leading hotels trust us to provide their pillows. We've been crafting luxury hospitality supplies since 1876, so we know exactly what goes into delivering an exceptional night's sleep.

As we're wholesale pillow suppliers, it's simple to order in bulk. Whether you run a small B&B or work for a large hotel, we can deliver your pillows the very next day.

If that wasn't enough, our dedication to customer care meant we won the Platinum Trusted Service Award. When you shop with Richard Haworth, you can expect nothing short of excellence.

Pillow FAQs

  1. What pillows do hotels use?

  2. Hotels typically provide either synthetic or natural pillows, however if guests have allergies, natural pillows cannot be offered and you will need a synthetic option. Offering a soft and standard pillow on the same bed, means guests can mix and match pillows for the perfect comfort. Leading hotels across the UK trust Richard Haworth to provide their pillows as we have sourced the finest comfort from all over the world.

  3. How should I maintain my pillows?

  4. We would recommend patting your pillow on a daily basis to ensure the pillow loft is maintained after repeated use. Our video explains how. You can wash pillows however we would recommend using a pillow protector and washing pillows sparingly. It's best to use as gentle a wash cycle as possible. Once the wash cycle has finished, make sure your pillows are able to properly dry to avoid mould growth. After using a tumble dryer, preferably with a pillow drying setting, leave them to dry in a well-aired room or in the sun. For more information on how to maintain your pillows click here.

  5. What are Euro and Super King Pillows?

  6. Euro pillows are typically a large square pillow, around 66 x 66 cm and a favourite in hotels around Europe. A Super King pillow is also referred to as a 3ft pillow and is longer than a standard pillow.

  7. What pillows are good for side sleepers?

  8. Side sleepers generally benefit from a firm, thick pillow that fills the space between their head and neck. Our Hollowfibre Pillows provide ample support for people who sleep on their side. For more information on selecting the perfect pillow, click here.

  9. Natural or Synthetic Pillows?

  10. Many luxury properties will use natural pillows such as Goose or Duck. Whilst they tend to be more expensive than synthetic pillows, there are also a number of reasons why Natural Goose pillows are the preferred option. However in case guests suffer from allergies, you will always need to have synthetic alternatives so most properties will not want to purchase and store pillows and so synthetic alternative such as Micro Down are the preferred option.

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