Nothing quite compares to the comfort of a hotel bed. After all, through a series of well-considered choices, hotels have curated their rooms to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Of course the crisp bed linen and perfectly firm mattress play their part, but the secret often lies in the choice of pillows. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what pillows hotels use, read on to find the answer.

What brand of pillows do most hotels use?

Hotels understand the importance of quality bedding so they normally source their pillows from premium brands. Whilst every hotel has a different supplier, high-end establishments like Celtic Manor resorts and Radisson, Hoxton and De Vere hotels are committed to sourcing the best pillows for their guests. That’s why they work with Richard Haworth.

If you enjoyed your hotel sleep on a Richard Haworth pillow, read on for some tips on recreating the same luxurious night’s rest at home.

How high-end hotels choose quality pillows

There are certain things to consider if you want to adorn your bed with hotel quality pillows. After all, these pillows aren’t your average purchase. They’re carefully designed and crafted to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Here are four key features to consider:

Pillow size

There’s a reason you don’t slip between the pillows when staying in a hotel, and that’s because of their size. If you have a larger bed, opt for a wider 3 feet king-size pillow to get that hotel feel at home. For double beds, your standard pillow size will be the perfect fit.

Pillow fillings

Down is often used in boutique and luxury hotel pillows thanks to its premium qualities. Made using the softer, insulating layer of a goose’s plumage, down-filled pillows trap heat and are perfect for cooler months. In warmer months, a down-filled pillow with a 100% cotton outer fabric is an amazing heat regulator. In hotels, housekeepers plump down-filled pillows daily so they keep their shape. Make sure you’re ready for this commitment before investing in a down pillow.

Saying that, all different pillow fillings have their own advantages. For a more affordable alternative to down, opt for goose feather. Goose feather offers a similar softness to down, but the shape of the feathers means the pillow will flatten quicker. For allergy sufferers, a hypo-allergenic pillow with a synthetic filling could be the answer. Check out the Richard Haworth Micro Down Pillows for pillows with a hypo-allergenic down-like filling.

Top quality

Hotel-grade pillows are made with extra attention to detail. After all, they need to withstand more wear and tear than your average pillow. Luckily that makes them a long-lasting investment when buying them for your home. So, for higher quality pillows we suggest sourcing yours from a brand that also supplies hotels. Some signs of quality to look out for are:

  • A cotton outer fabric with a high thread count
  • Premium fillings such as down or synthetic down
  • Precise stitching that’s designed to withstand use


How firm you like your pillow often comes down to personal taste. That’s why high-end hotels tend to provide two pillows so you can choose one that suits you. That normally consists of a firm pillow and a softer one. At home you have the luxury of knowing just how firm you like your pillow. So choose a firmness that’s right for you.

Get started recreating the ultimate hotel sleep in your own home by checking out our pillows.