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Linen Guide

We will continue to update our Linen guides ensuring they are full of great ideas and tutorials. Click in any of the ranges below for further information.Bed Linen Guide

Bed Linen

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Ensure that your guests get the very best night's sleep by following our useful bed linen guide. Our ever expanding guide provides information on the best way of maintaining your bedding so you get the best nights sleep as well as useful hints on washing guidelines, textile term explanations and general bedding maintenance.


Bath Linen Guide

Bath Linen

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There are many factors that need to be considered to determine the correct towel for you. Do you require a bath towel or bath sheet, what size gsm is preferable? Our bath linen guide provides useful hints on choosing the correct towels, making sure they remain softer for longer and providing information on textile terms.



Table Linen Guide


Table Linen

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Choosing the correct restaurant tablecloth is an important decision, choosing the wrong cloth can be very costly. Do you require an all purpose, everyday tablecloth or one for special occasions, also what size drop is required? Our helpful table linen guide provides information on which size tablecloth is suitable for your table, video tutorials on how to fold napkins like the professionals and general tips on how to care for your tablecloths and napkins.