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What will the hotels of the future look like?

At Richard Haworth, we recognise that the hotel rooms of the future will be smarter, but a recent video at shows what hotels may look like in 50 years, and its a technophobe's worst nightmare!

From the moment the guest arrives, smart technologies will welcome them and shape their stay to their own needs. This is likely to include:


Face recognition to enter rooms


Hotel safety and security can be greatly enhanced by systems which will read their features as they check in. This will allow the hotel’s systems to recognise their preferences from previous stays, as well as ensuring only they are able to enter their rooms. This ensures a high-level of security and a personalised service experience.




Robots are already working the reception of some high-tech hotels but in the future, they may be available in every room. These autonomous units may be programmed with language skills and information on the local area that the guest can use to plan their arrangements. Ambitious robotics experts believe these systems could meet visitors at the airport, order and bring room service, offer entertainment services, and replace traditional concierges with their extensive information databases. They could also one day replace housekeeping staff and make up rooms.


Morphing beds and rooms


Self-assembling rooms could move between a number of arrangements to precisely fit the needs of the guest. This could be as simple as larger pillows or even entire environments built using flexible building components. This may sound far-fetched but the technology could be in use in the next 20 years.


In-room 3D printing


We have all arrived at a hotel without a vital item but the dash to a local shop could become a thing of the past. 3D printers installed in guest rooms could provide anything from medicines to clothes, to phones or consumer items. Integrated systems would see the visitor download designs for consumer goods and produce them themselves on demand.



Walls and surfaces in hotel rooms could be fitted with touch technology which allows the guest to access information and entertainment. Think touchscreens in bathroom mirrors that show the news or spa walls that release the scent of essential oils to improve the visitor experience.


Smart toilets


Even the humble toilet may be swept up in the tide of hotel technology. Cutting-edge facilities of the future could sense whether the user has finished and flush themselves, detect the exact amount of water they need to use, and offer a variety of cleanliness options.


Holographic entertainment


As audiovisual technology improves, entertainment options may expand to 3D or holographic presentations. Imagine lying back in your morphed bed to watch a music concert where the band appears to be playing to you directly in front of you.




This is one of the most science-fiction sounding options that may soon be available to you. Your hotel bed could give you the option to choose your own dream as neurotechnology programs your sleeping thoughts to create a compelling adventure for your sleeping mind.

The majority of these options are still at least 20 years away from mass introduction but glimpses of the future are already popping up in high-calibre locations. The hotels of 2037 may look nothing like the best of the industry today. Technology will change everything.

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