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The World’s Most Expensive Beds

You can’t underestimate the value of your bed, especially in helping you replenish your energy after a long day. However, whilst any bed can really serve this purpose, there are some truly exceptional beds out there, optimally designed to take your sleep experience to the next level. Combining a dazzling array of technology, fashion, art, design and luxury, here is our list of the top ten most expensive beds in the world.

10. The Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed (


This elegant bed has been technologically designed to reduce snoring by elevating the body by a few degrees. It also comes with an ipod port, internet connection and temperature settings. So is a quiet night’s sleep really priceless? This bed would set you back a mere $50, 000, or around £32,500.

9. The Sphere Bed (


The Sphere Bed was designed by Karim Rashid and is an ultimate choice for a lavish and elegant bedroom. Not only is it available in a wide range of colours but it also comes equipped with a TV, champagne holder, mirrors and LED lights; all at your fingertips for approximately £32,500.

8. Monarch Vi-Spring Bed (


A celebrity favourite (rumoured to be a favourite of the Beckhams, amongst others) this bed has been optimized to ensure luxury. The mattress is made from handcrafted fabrics and covers almost three thousand springs to ensure the ultimate cushioned feeling. Luxury sleep, for £32,500.

7. The Cosmovoide Bed (


A unique and modern bed, the Cosmovoide has in-built intelligent features such as a phone, DVD player, TV and full home theatre system to help take your experience to the next level. A steal at almost £40,000.

6. The Majesty Vi-Spring Bed (


This hand-crafted bed designed by Jab Ansotez consists of more than six thousand springs that provide sustainable suspension, covered by cotton, cashmere and silk. Not to mention the layers of silver and gold which have been incorporated into the design. A bed fit for a queen at around £55,000.

5. The Quantum Sleeper Bed (


With a name like that this bed would be fit for James Bond and, all in all, he’d probably be pretty impressed with it. The Quantum Sleeper has a lock down feature, turning the bed into its very own panic-room with its own ventilation system, settings for intruders, motion and oxygen sensors and even a toilet! The ultimate in bedroom security, this innovation would cost you around £105,000.

4. The Parnian Furniture Bed (


This hand carved bed was designed and constructed, in the space of a year, by Abdolhay Parnian. It boasts modern features live a TV, iPad holder and secret compartments and, in addition, is made from a combination of wood, stainless steel and gold. All yours for around £137,000.

3. The Jado Steel-Style Gold Bed (


This luxurious bed is made with gold and Swarovski crystals and offers incredible comfort. It also has an internet connection, PlayStation, DVD Player and sound system, brilliantly combining technology and luxury for just over £440,000.

2. The Magnetic Floating Bed (


Designed using magnets, this modern, magical bed literally floats in the air. With 1500lbs of magnets to keep it suspended and wires connecting it to the wall to keep it from floating away, this bed is quite simply taking sleep technology and design to the next level. You get what you pay for, at around a whopping £1,042,000.

1. The Baldacchino Supreme Bed (


Finally, the cream of the crop with only two having ever been made, the Baldacchino is the most expensive bed currently available on the market. Hand carved by Stuart Hughes, it is made from a combination of Ash, Cherry and Classy Canopy wood and accessorized with 24 carat gold weighing more than 200lbs, costing just over £4,106,000.

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