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National Make your Bed Day; Our Top 5 Techniques

According to online sources, 11th September 2015 is “Make your Bed Day”! However, whilst this might sound like a simple task, a surprising number of people (young and old) actually find this one of the most difficult household chores and have come up with some pretty creative techniques for putting a duvet cover on:


1. The Hand Puppet - Turning the duvet cover inside out to flip it over is the most popular approach.

2. The Wrestler - Getting inside the duvet cover with the duvet to wrestle it into place is a close second

3. The Recruiter – Almost a quarter of people make changing a duvet a two-man job.

4. The Clip Method - Using clips or pegs to hold the corners in place is the next most popular method.

5. The Double Fold - Folding the duvet up and shaking it in.


To help ease the nation’s frustrations, here are a couple of step by step guides to the most popular approaches for changing your duvet cover - so now there’s no excuse for not having an expertly made bed!


1.  The Hand Puppet

  • This method starts with your duvet cover inside out then, from the cover opening, walk your arms up inside it to each of the top corners.


  • Holding the cover corners grab each corner of the duvet, flip the cover over and shake the duvet out.


  • Hold it as high as you can and let gravity do its work!


  • Finally, tuck the bottom corners in, close the bottom and smooth it out.



2.  The Double Fold

  • Lay out the duvet cover flat on your bed and, going towards the opening, fold it twice; first in half then in half again.


  • Do the same with the duvet, folding in half and half again.


  • With the duvet cover opening on top, stuff the folded duvet inside the cover.


  • Hold the corners together and shake the duvet into the cover. Easy!



3.  The Roll On

  • Lay the duvet cover inside out on the bed and put the duvet on top of it.


  • Starting at the closed end, roll the two together like a giant sausage.


  • Open the cover and reach in, grab the end of the duvet roll and pull it through.


  • Do the same with the other end and pull the rest of your duvet sausage through.


  • Unroll the duvet across your bed, fasten the cover and sleep tight!



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