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Life is Suite: What Do Guests Really Want in Their Hotel Rooms?

When booking a hotel, guests may take into account the restaurant, spa facilities and bar but ultimately, the bedroom and bathroom are the most essential part of a guest’s experience. This is where hotels really put their reputations on the line; so what are guests really looking for?


A big, soft, fluffy bed is the thing dreams are made of, especially after a long business day or if your guests are simply taking a break from the daily grind. The sleeping experience is the focal point of a guest’s stay so as well as looking great, it’s essential that the bed is comfortable. A quality mattress, plump pillows, high thread count sheets and crisp, fresh linen will leave your guests in slumbering bliss.

Peace and quiet is equally as important as a hotel bedroom should provide a sanctuary for guests, whether through careful soundproofing or quality walls.

The comfort of the bathroom should equal that of the hotel bedroom. Guests are, as standard, always provided with showering facilities, but a large dedicated bathtub is a memorable luxury and the centre-piece of a good bathroom. An ample number of soft, clean and sizable towels also feature on a guest’s wish-list, with thick robes as a luxurious extra.


First impressions count, and the first thing a guest will notice when they step into the bedroom is the décor, style and cleanliness.

Make your rooms beautiful; carefully think through your colour scheme and style and make sure they are well maintained. Scruffy wallpaper and marked carpets certainly won’t go unnoticed and with a rise of comparison and rating sites such as Tripadvisor, any imperfections can be uploaded and available to all within minutes.

A recent poll of British holidaymakers found that, more so than noisy rooms or poor quality food, the greatest source of guest displeasure during a hotel stay is dirty linen. When guests part with their money, they have an expectation of quality and cleanliness, so make sure you supply them with spotless, soft towels and immaculate bed linen.


Finally, a great and memorable hotel stay is all about the details. Include these practical features to make sure guests feel that their everyday wants and needs are being accommodated:

  • Free, reliable Wifi: Internet connectivity has become as basic a utility in life as a telephone for both business and leisure travelers alike.

  • Ample and accessible plug sockets: For business travelers in particular, carefully thought out arrangements for plug sockets is a must, particularly near or above the desk and near the bed and nightstands.

  • Towels: Big, fluffy, fresh, white bath sheets. Nothing makes your guests feel more special than wrapping themselves in large, soft towels after indulging in a steaming bath, especially if they can follow this with a thick, soft robe.

  • Complimentary products: Indulging in branded bath products while soaking in the bathtub, or feeling spoilt by a complimentary body scrub or face mask is a sure fire way to impress your guests by going that extra mile.

  • Hairdryer: an essential extra which reassures your guests that you are looking after their every need and paying attention to the details.

  • In-room tea and coffee making facilities: a must for any hotel room, using branded products where possible.

  • Ironing board and iron: a particularly useful touch for business travelers.


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