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How to make your beds like a 5* Housekeeper

When staying at a hotel, have you ever left your bed in an untidy state prior to venturing out for the day, then found it in pristine condition upon your return? It’s almost like magic, but its actually the hidden stars of a hotel, the housekeepers.


Housekeepers make sure your room has plump pillows, plush duvets and perfectly ironed sheets, and are a vital part to making a hotel room so appealing. Have you ever wondered if you could possibly master the skills of a head housekeeper necessary to make your property as cosy and comfortable as one at a premium 5-star hotel.

 Luckily for you, it is indeed possible, and we’re here to tell you exactly how you can become a bed-making master!


1. You don’t need a fitted sheet

Did you know that the vast majority of luxury hotels refrain from using any form of a fitted sheet on their beds? Rather, they tend to use a pair of top sheets (both of the same size and quality). The key is laying both of these sheets upon the mattress simultaneously, then tucking them into both the ends and the sides of the bed. However, you should (at this point) leave the corners free. You then must do something that is commonly known as a ’hospital fold’, which involves lifting up the sheet so that it is at 45 degrees to the mattress. Once this is done, simply tuck the sheet beneath the mattress and you’ve got yourself the foundations of a hotel quality bed.


2. Use the hand holes

Next is the duvet cover, which actually takes the prize as the most-hated chore — thanks to the tricky duvet. To conquer this cover solo, use both hands to grab the top corners of the duvet cover from the outside, most of our hotel duvet covers feature hand holes to easily find the duvet once it is fed in, then pull the duvet cover up until it's engulfed in the duvet.


3. Utilise the power of tap water

Yes, you read that correctly – tap water is one of the most effective tools in your bed-making arsenal. If you want to make sure your sheets are as free of crinkles and wrinkles as possible, all you need is a spray bottle full of tap water (and nothing else). Spray a light layer of the misty water atop the duvet cover – once you have made the bed, it’s important to note – and then simply shake it gently (but firmly) until the creases start to disappear.


4. Flatten those pillows

If you’ve ever wanted to know how luxury hotels manage to make their pillows so lovely and cosy, then you’ll be delighted to know there’s a very simple – yet somewhat counter-intuitive – trick. Once you’ve popped your pillow inside its pillowcase, what you need to do is place your hands right in the middle of the pillow, and forcefully push your hands in opposite directions (left and right). Do this repeatedly and you will make the pillow firm enough to stand up against the headboard, and fluffy enough that your head sinks into it when it’s time to sleep.


Of course, you should also embellish your bed with cushions, throws and luxurious duvets so that it feels like home.


And, once you’ve developed the skills and purchased the products that will grant you a bed that will be the envy of your neighbours – or even if you are a B&B owner who wants to wow your guests – why not go one step further and purchase embroidered pillowcases to give a bed the real 5-star treatment?


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