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How to cook and dress like a top Chef

Things are feeling very different this year. While summer was all about barbecues and outdoor dining, as the weather turns colder we’re all starting to notice what’s missing. Though most bars and restaurants have reopened, social distancing restrictions mean it simply doesn't feel the same. So, how do you mark a special occasion if you can't go to your favourite restaurant and enjoy the chef's delights?


Whether it’s Friday date night or you’re celebrating a personal success, a nice night out is a tradition you’ve missed. But there’s no need to give up on that special feeling! Why not recreate it at home with these handy hints?  

Home Chef Chic

Chef Jackets

A working kitchen requires nothing short of a uniform, a comfy and practical outfit that allows you to slice, tenderize and transfer something big (and possibly bloody) from fridge to cutting board. So if you are doing the work of a pro, makes sense to dress like one.   Chef jackets and trousers are available that can even be personalised with a name or logo for a truly professional appearance.


Create the right ambience


Dinner at home doesn’t usually feel like a treat, so turn it into one by transforming your dining room into a restaurant-quality space. Light some candles rather than using your overhead lights, pop some flowers into a vase, and use your best cutlery and dishes.


Cook something creative


Don’t fall back on the same old meals you cook day in, day out. Find a recipe you’ve been dying to try and make it from scratch. Use the finest ingredients and set aside a good amount of time to get the dish just right. You can’t rush perfection! Why not ask your partner or friend to be your sous chef for the evening, and turn the prep into part of the fun? And don’t forget to choose the perfect bottle of wine to accompany your meal. Remember, if it all goes up in smoke, you can always just order a takeaway from your favourite restaurant and serve it in your fanciest dishes.


Get dressed up


When you’re done playing chef, treat yourself to a relaxing bath or shower, and don’t just put on your old jeans! Dress to impress, like you would if you were going out for the evening. Wearing special jewellery and spritzing some cologne or perfume can help you to feel like this is truly a unique treat.


Pick the perfect playlist


Don’t forget to add music! The best part is, you can control the playlist and the volume of the background music, choosing special songs that mean something to you. No annoying elevator music here or overly loud live bands. You want to ensure you can still hear each other speak, but a little music adds to the overall essence of the evening.


Medrite grey tableclothsThe finishing touches


When it comes to laying the table, make sure you add those special finishing touches. Richard Haworth's Revolutionary Cotton Feel Amalfi tablecloths add a touch of sophistication to any evening in, making you feel like you truly are in a beautiful restaurant. With matching table cloths and napkins in a range of 25 gorgeous colours, you can feel like you’re dining out in a different place, every night of the week!


We hope that with these tips and tricks, you can create your perfect night out, right in the comfort of your own home.


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