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Excuse me?! The weird and wonderful requests from all kinds of whacky hotel guests

Some people just aren't themselves when they're not at home, and when they're on the road and travelling, they can be downright bizarre and have all sorts of crazy expectations. Possibly nowhere else is strange human behaviour consistently exhibited than in hotels, places of rest for the weary where people demand the oddest of things.

One of Britain's largest hotel chains, the budget-conscious and big-roomed Travelodge is certainly no stranger to receiving decidedly offbeat requests from guests, odd questions that often leave front-desk staff entirely perplexed. But these peculiar probings are nonetheless noted down – and compiled by the company every year to form its annual "bizarre requests" list. Let's have a look at some of the best (or worst).

There was the adorable guest in Birmingham who wasn't quite sure of the house rules. They had checked in alright, but couldn't grasp what the totality of "checkout" meant. And so, well, they asked: "I know checkout is at 12pm but am I allowed out before then or do I have to stay inside?" (Probably shouldn’t be allowed out, no.)

Others wanted the earth to move – literally – so they could go ahead with their romantic plans, and they seemed to think hotels are universally all-powerful and can totally move mountains, and influence the celestial dance of the planets. Asked one hapless guest in Bristol: "Can you arrange for the moon to look into my room as I want to propose to my girlfriend under the moonlight?" (Does he have a lunar-tic?)

By now you can probably imagine the insane giggling that’s going on in the minds of the otherwise straight-faced and professional hotel staff, who must surely wonder if the travelling public is not entirely insane. What other gems do we have?


  • Leeds: "Does your saver room have electricity?" (Here's some candles, but don't burn the place down.)
  • Macclesfield: "Can Travelodge move the rooms so that they are all at the back of the hotel?" (Certainly, Sir.)
  • London: "Can you arrange for the changing of the guards to happen after lunch as I have an appointment in the morning?" (That's a right royal request!)

And there’s plenty more where that came from. When you’re next checking in to hotel and about to ask the receptionist what you think is a fairly innocuous question, don’t be surprised if, before you get the chance, their eyes instantly glaze over and their facial expression freezes in anticipated horror of what’s to come. It’s all enough to drive Basil Fawlty even further around the bend!

If you think you can beat Travelodge’s weird and wonderful requests from customers do let us know!

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