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Towels FAQ

Dunham TowelsWhether you run a hotel, B&B or spa your job is to make sure your guests have an enjoyable stay. There’s no doubt that the quality of your hotel towels has a huge part to say in this as your guests will remember whether they had the comfort of a luxurious towel to wrap around them or had to make do with something coarse and raggedy. In the days of internet reviews, candid photos, and social media, it’s more important than ever to make sure your visitors are left with a glowing impression unless you’re happy to develop a less than favourable reputation.Chelsea White Towels

What towels are right for me?

Our range of towels extends from 450gsm to 600gsm. The budget towels, such as the Dunham and Chelsea, are a lightweight option that require a low amount of energy to launder, making them eco-friendly and friendly on your overheads. The heavier 600gsm towels are much more luxurious, but need more energy to wash. Many hotels are opting to provide their guests with the higher quality towels to stay ahead of the competition.

Mayfair TowelsTowel sizes

Different guests will have different preferences when it comes to their bathroom rituals, so it’s always a good idea to offer them a selection of differently sized hotel towels. Hand towels (50x100cm) are ideal for drying your hands and face while a bath towel (67x135cm) is suited to full body drying. Many people love the indulgent size of a bath sheet (100x170), and providing these for your guests will surely impress them. Some towel collections also have face cloths - these 30x30cm towels can be used as flannels.

White towels or coloured?

Many hotels like to have white towels for a number of reasons. For a start, there’s no risk that white towels will clash with the colour scheme of the rooms, but more importantly white towels suggest cleanliness. However, when used intelligently, a comforting colour such as cream, pebble or slate can create a spa-like effect that suggests the highest standards of comfort. A final tip: mixing coloured and white towels is rarely a good idea as it can appear as if the hotel is unorganised.

How can I offer my guests even more?

Madison Slate Towels

By providing your guests with luxurious hotel towels you’re already making sure they have a great experience. Additional finishing touches can ensure guests leave at checkout not just satisfied, but eager to come back soon. Our impressive bathmats are up to 1000gsm, but it’s the bath robes that will really delight your guests, whether you provide them with one of our affordable robes or something from the top of our range.

Why choose towels from Richard Haworth

For over 30 years Richard Haworth has been providing the highest quality linen to the hotel trade - from small family run B&Bs to international 5* hotel chains. All the towels available from Richard Haworth are 100% cotton terry towels, making them super-absorbent and super soft, yet strong and durable enough to cope with the rigours of commercial use. With a range of styles and prices, we have hotel towels that are perfect for any establishment.