Quality: The Best Economy

 At Richard Haworth we believe that Quality and Consistency are key to ensuring we meet the high standards of our customers so that they can meet the tough demands of their customers.


We take Quality very seriously and we feel it is vitally important that all products supplied by Richard Haworth meet expectation each and every time. To make sure we can achieve this requirement we invest heavily in a well equipped on-site laboratory with three dedicated full time members of staff who have 38 years of combined experience in textile technology.

Our ultimate goal is that as a valued Customer, you do not simply buy an item from us but you buy into a service. A service that will grow and provide you the right goods, at the right time.


10 Reasons to buy Richard Haworth products......


  1. Richard Haworth adheres to a rigorous internal quality management system.

  2. All incoming goods are checked by our dedicated Quality Assurance Department in line with AQL Standards 2.5 level 2.

  3. All our fabrics are Heat Set during manufacture at the appropriate temperatures to achieve the optimal dimensional stability possible.

  4. Shade continuity of all our fabrics is maintained under a D65 Artificial Daylight source.

  5. Products are manufactured to a minimum stitch rate, for example 8 stitches per inch for lock stitch goods and 17 stitches per inch for overlocked items.

  6. Fabric weights are checked using the British Standard 12127:1998 test which determines the mass per unit area.

  7. Cotton products are regularly checked to British Standard BS2610 Cuprammonium Fluidity.

  8. British Standard test 2819:1990 is used to determine the bow, skew and lengthway distortion in woven fabrics.

  9. The construction, composition and yarn count of fabrics is checked to British Standard tests 1049-2:1994, 4407:1988 and 2865:1984 respectively.

  10. Our on site manufacturing floor is one of the largest flat cut and sew operations in the UK and provides competitively priced bespoke linens.