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Keeping Duvets and Pillows Clean for Your Guests

For the hospitality industry, it has always been that reputations are painstakingly won – and often easily lost – by things as seemingly simple as basic cleanliness. But in the midst of a world in crisis from the spread of COVID-19, cleanliness has become far from simple.


In 2020, and as businesses reopen for bookings, the commitment to scrupulous hygiene has to be front and centre in the minds of hosts and guests alike. We know that the virus is passed by droplets, and the particles within are more resistant than many forms of bacteria to washing and cleaning. Even maintaining social distancing, it’s possible for someone to pass, and contract, COVID-19 by just brushing against a contaminated surface. And that’s especially bad for hotels and guest houses.


Then... and now. Our advice on your ‘new normal’

We have spoken before on the best way to launder bed and bath linens with our top tips for ensuring your laundry is spotlessly clean and covid free. But, for those items not coming into ‘direct’ contact with guests, such as pillows and duvets, a ‘cyclical’ routine has been the norm. But as many of you have already asked us, what is the best routine to adopt moving forwards?


In the first instance, always wear protection, including gloves, when handling used laundry, and take care to avoid shaking out the fabrics. This action can spread any existing droplets out and into the immediate atmosphere and onto other surfaces, including yourself.


Pillows typically come in either a synthetic or natural fill. Natural pillows will consist of a blend of feather and down, whilst synthetic will be filled with manmade fibres such as Hollowfibre or Microfibre. The outer fabric of the pillow will typically be made form 100% cotton or polycotton. In normal circumstances neither synthetic or natural pillows are required to be washed or dry cleaned frequently. The time and cost to wash after each guest stay would be far too great and limit the lifespan of the product. This would also mean purchasing and storing a large amount of replacements.


Hotel Pillow and Duvet Protection

Since pillows and duvets will not be laundered between each visiting guest, how can you protect visitors and the products? Protectors with anti-bacterial and microbe properties offer an ideal solution by providing an additional barrier protecting the pillows and duvets from spills and liquids that can lead to bacteria growth or other contamination. Richard Haworth’s range of Sleep Guard protectors are all reusable, can be washed at thermal disinfection temperature to ensure they are virus free, and are therefore able to protect both guests and bedding. The Sleep Guard Prima Pillow Protectors are made from our revolutionary plain weave fabric and feature a zip enclosure to fully encase the pillow.


A higher level of protection against germs for your mattresses can be achieved by using our Sleep Guard Jersey Mattress Protectors  These top-of-the-range mattress protectors are fully waterproof, yet breathable. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and including an anti-dust mite finish which gives 100% protection, they can safely be washed at 90 degrees centigrade if required. The Jersey Protectors are available in a skirt or fully encased mattress protector, and also as a pillow and duvet protector for complete peace of mind.


Tell guests about your care

Lastly, now is absolutely the time to (cautiously) brag a little. Guests will want to know about the additional steps you’re taking for them. Don’t neglect to mention your fastidious cleaning routine and added investment in your listing descriptions.


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  • Sally Rowlands

    We recently stayed at Birdholme Glamping, and I LOVED the bedding and quality so much I dug in to find the labels so I could come home and buy the same quality! Loveliest crispest white cotton bedding!

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