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How can I prevent bedding from shrinking?

If you run a hotel, you'll know that items shrinking in the wash can be a real headache. There's nothing more annoying than having to reorder supplies after finding that perfectly good bedding has shrunk. Hotel-quality bedding is not cheap and, as well as the inconvenience, having to constantly restock your supplies can be a huge drain on your profits.

Luckily, shrinking is not inevitable. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your bedding keeps its size wash after wash.


What is shrinking and why does it happen?


Shrinking or Dimensional stability to laundering, is the result of the weave of a fabric `closing up` under washing and some drying conditions. Different types of fabrics will behave differently under the same conditions. This is down to how condensed the weave of each fabric is. The more condensed the weave the less shrinkage will occur because the yarns which make up the fabric have less space to move and thus close up which in turn reduces the original size of the overall item.

Generally speaking, a high thread count cotton fabric will have an overall lower shrinkage result than a lower thread count cotton fabric.


What can I do to prevent items from shrinking?


There are a number of ways to manage shrinking:

    • Do not dry items excessively. Find out how long it takes for the item to dry completely and do not dry it for any longer.

    • Tumble drying is the method which will add the most additional movement to a textile product. However use your dryer's cool-down function at the end of the cycle to stop items from overheating.

    • Line drying or flat drying is the kindest type and adds little to no additional shrinkage.

    • Sort your washing according to fibre content as this affects how long items take to dry. Washing items with similar drying times together ensures that a part of the load is not overdried afterwards.


What should I look for when buying bedding?


Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing bedding

  • What are the dimensions? Check the dimensions of the product before purchasing, does it fit your existing duvets and pillows. Are the products pre shrunk, what is the expected shrinkage, and will that product still fit your product after time?

  • Check the labels. Most products should include wash care instructions advising the best way to launder the product and keep it looking newer for longer.

  • Try before you buy. Don't buy in bulk until you've tested a product. Buy a few items and wash them several times to see how much they shrink.

  • Consider a poly-cotton blend. Polyester shrinks less than cotton but is usually less comfortable. Choosing a good poly-cotton blend can be a good way to avoid shrinking while still providing comfort to your guests.


Buy products that last


At Richard Haworth, we have over 140 years of experience in supplying the finest bed linen to establishments with very particular tastes. Each product goes through a rigorous set of specified tests at an on-site Quality Control laboratory, so you can make your purchase with complete confidence. With free next day delivery on all UK orders over £100, there's never been a better time to give your guests a touch of luxury.

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