1. How to create a luxury spa experience

    How to create a luxury spa experience
    Everyone deserves a little pampering at times to unwind, relax and destress. This is certainly true in the current climate for most people. But what do you do if you cannot visit a hotel spa currently to achieve this? The perfect answer is to recreate the whole spa experience at home. This is not as hard as it sounds and does not need to cost lots of money. By the time you have finished, you will have your very own sanctuary from the world.But just how can you recreate the authentic spa experience at home? Continue reading →
  2. Should you install a spa in your hotel?

    Should you install a spa in your hotel?
    Hotels of any size would do well to consider the benefits of adding a spa, for greater customer enjoyment and satisfaction. It's increasingly the case that hotel guests expect a variety of leisure facilities when they book a room, even if they're only staying the one night.   Effective Planning   More and more hotels are adding a spa now, because of this factor, whether they're city hotels or country lodges. The amount spent on fitting a spa can vary enormously though, so, if you're considering installing in your hotel, you need to research it thoroughly beforehand. Continue reading →
  3. How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom Space

    How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom Space
    Whether you have a small space available for your main bathroom or you are squeezing in an en suite, configuring the toilet, sink and shower can be tricky, not to mention a towel rail or toilet roll holder. However, despite the challenges, you can create a lovely bathroom in a small space by following a few little design tips. 1. Get clever with the vanity unit Choose a smart sink unit, possibly even a pedestal style with a shelf to hold towels or a basket for toilet paper, making the most of any extra storage space you can create. Continue reading →
  4. Bath Benefits

    Bath Benefits
    Wow-inducing bathrooms have become as important as a luxury boudoir, and they’re a great opportunity to showcase imaginative design. Double sinks, or even double baths create a glamorous boutique-hotel feel, glass-enclosed baths with a view add drama and beautiful materials or textures, from stone tiling to special towels, create interest.   When considering bathroom design, why not take some lessons from the Greeks, Romans, Japanese and even the Turks, who all knew a thing or two about the benefits of a good bath. Continue reading →
  5. Summer Style Guide 2014 - In the Bathroom

    Summer Style Guide 2014 - In the Bathroom
    In the Bathroom: Soothing & Serene For the hot summer months, there are a variety of bathroom themes you can go with: bold with colour, breezy bright whites, soothing seaside blues and garden greens. Use these themes to create the perfect spa-like, summer look for your bathroom.   Bright and breezy whites Nothing says "relaxing spa" like light and bright walls and ceilings. Continue reading →
  6. What is Terry?

    What is Terry? Terry is a cloth with either loops all over on both sides of the fabric or patterned loops on both sides. It is formed through a weaving process with an extra warp yarn to make the loops. Characteristics of terry cloth are as follows; long wearing, easy to launder with little or no ironing required. Terry can be bleached, dyed, or printed (similar to screen printing). Continue reading →
  7. How To Care For Your Towels

    Our towel wash care instructions offers informative tips on how to keep your towels in perfect condition longer ensuring they remain soft and fluffy and retaining their original colour. Wash care instructions for Towels Continue reading →

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