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Bath Benefits

Wow-inducing bathrooms have become as important as a luxury boudoir, and they’re a great opportunity to showcase imaginative design. Double sinks, or even double baths create a glamorous boutique-hotel feel, glass-enclosed baths with a view add drama and beautiful materials or textures, from stone tiling to special towels, create interest.


When considering bathroom design, why not take some lessons from the Greeks, Romans, Japanese and even the Turks, who all knew a thing or two about the benefits of a good bath. And whilst solid gold fixtures and Doric columns may not be your hotel’s style, it might be worth considering how you can create the perfect bathroom for your guests.


In any bathroom the bathtub will always take centre stage and, as such, is the first impression your guests will be met with. A classic, inviting bathtub immediately conveys extravagance and relaxation rather than the simple functionality of an electric shower.bath soaps


Presenting your guests with a deep, shapely bath helps transform a necessary daily activity into a process of indulgence and rejuvenation. A bathtub with plenty of room, deliciously hot water, some branded bath soaks, and perhaps the odd technological flourish like a flat screen TV in view, can make your guest’s experience one which offers more than just somewhere to lay their head at the end of the day.


Guests want their rooms to be functional and stylish, but also relaxing; somewhere they, whether a business person retiring from a hectic schedule, or a couple escaping the busy-ness of daily life, can unwind. What better way to offer them this indulgent sanctuary than with the relaxing luxury of a brimming bathtub.


tubBody and mind alike benefit from time to relax and unwind so, with the added treat of some up-to-date books or magazines, you can help your guests to shut the door on the outside world and allow them to fully enjoy the refuge you have provided. It has been long-known that a restful bathing experience naturally promotes a great night’s sleep, leaving your guests rested and restored – the perfect afterglow from an outstanding hotel experience.


When concerned with maintaining the functionality of the bathroom, consider a monsoon shower head. Ever-increasing in popularity, monsoon or rain shower heads can adjusted so that it feels like anything from a gentle patter to a pummelling massage, giving your guests a spa-like, therapeutic encounter. Not only do they feel great, but they look classy and chic, in-keeping with spa-inspired style without compromising on practically.

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