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Should you install a spa in your hotel?

Hotels of any size would do well to consider the benefits of adding a spa, for greater customer enjoyment and satisfaction. It's increasingly the case that hotel guests expect a variety of leisure facilities when they book a room, even if they're only staying the one night.


Effective Planning


More and more hotels are adding a spa now, because of this factor, whether they're city hotels or country lodges. The amount spent on fitting a spa can vary enormously though, so, if you're considering installing in your hotel, you need to research it thoroughly beforehand. One thing you need to consider carefully before putting plans in place to build your spa, is your current trading income and the realistic returns you could expect if you did have an onsite facility. As it's very important to achieve respectable returns on investment (ROI) from this new installation.


The Membership Conundrum


You may also want to think about how you would continue to operate the hotel if your spa membership levels reached maximum potential, and additional guests regularly check in due to the fact your hotel now features relaxation and pampering areas. Because other upgrades you might want to put in place following installation of a spa are likely to be bedroom upgrades and restaurant/catering improvements. You will also require additional staff members, both for the new facility and also for the increased business likely to be attracted to the hotel.


Many hoteliers find after installing spa facilities that they actually need to cut down on memberships, due to the fact that the area becomes too busy at certain times of the day. This can impact upon the enjoyment experienced by hotel guests, wanting to relax and unwind, only to find crowds of members in the pool and amenities whenever they want to use them.


Spa Management


bride & groom bathrobeGood spa management entails looking at ways profits can be optimised and guest satisfaction enhanced. So, you may wish to add specialist treatments, like massage, wraps and facials, to your spa experience. All of these treatments will require added professional staff and therapists, though. One solution could be taking on a third party management service to deliver all treatments, however, this would probably reduce profit levels for your hotel considerably. But, branded spas do offer a certain cachet to hotel experiences, as these specialist providers have all the expertise and product knowledge required to provide exclusive and valuable guest experiences. One major benefit of taking on specialist managers is that you can maintain your focus on your hotel business and take advantage of increased guest numbers to enhance profits on room rates and catering.


If you do decide to go down the route of installing your own hotel spa, another consideration will be ensuring guests are treated to the highest quality linens to enhance their overall experience. Bathrobes and towels should be of the finest, softest yarns to ensure client comfort. Richard Haworth provides spa linens to some of the most exclusive outlets and also offer embroidered logos for a more personalised touch, if required. Get in touch to find out more.


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