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How personalisation is revolutionising the hotel experience

The world is constantly evolving and brands will need to come up with new and innovative ways to attract customers to their amazing services; the hospitality industry is no exception. A recent survey show that 86% of travellers value personalisation when it comes to their hotel experience. A more personalised customer experience is expected to take the hospitality industry by storm, revolutionising each guest's stay. Here are three big changes you can expect to see in the coming years:


1. The impact of technology


It's no secret that mobile phones can make our lives so much easier, especially when we're travelling; in a matter of seconds, it's possible to book a flight and hotel for a business trip or family holiday. Studies support this view, finding that 59% of holidayers use their phones while travelling. Hoteliers have taken this statistic into consideration and are expected to incorporate personalised technology into the hotel experience. Hotel apps offer endless opportunities for personalised customer experience and guests can look forward to updates and activity suggestions tailored just for them. We can expect to see more virtual concierges being used on hotel apps, each with specific and useful information for individual guests.


2. Catering to your tastes


Every guest wants to feel special at their hotel, as they are paying for a hotel experience and not just a bed for the night. The key to a successful personalised hotel stay is through data collection and really understanding a person's individual preferences. Data collection might sound intimidating and more like a breach of privacy, but according to a customer survey, 50% of travellers said they were willing to give hotels personalised information if it meant they could receive a personalised service. With this information, hotels can go the extra mile to look after their guests; sporty people could look forward to gym recommendations or even a few extra water bottles in their mini-fridge while book lovers could even be treated to a plush reading chair in their room.


3. Rewarding customer loyalty


bride & groom bathrobeAccording to a survey from Sabre, 42% of UK consumers say that a truly "personalised service" is when brands recognise their past history with them and reward their loyalty accordingly. A hotel regular will expect to be treated more than just another guest and this is where personalisation is especially important for hotel brands who want to hold onto their returning customers. However, hotels don't need to make grandiose gestures in order to make their returning guests feel special, as it really is the finer details that make a hotel experience, even if it means supplying a preferred pillow type. Nothing expresses gratitude more than a personalised bathrobe from Richard Haworth that guests can feel like a VIP in; hotels can even go the extra mile and leave their guests their favourite food or beverage to enjoy in their robes.




The options for personalisation in the hospitality industry are endless and this area is expected to keep evolving as time progresses. Personalisation is both a great way for a brand to stand out as well as a way for guests to enjoy their stay and feel appreciated.


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