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Top 10 tips for a perfect Christmas Dinner Party

Richard Haworth has come up with a top ten of must have items to complete the perfect Christmas dinner party.

These tips are designed to give ideas for first time dinner hosts or for anyone who is looking to spice up their same old Christmas dinner. Here are classic and basic tips just to give you an idea of what most people expect from a dinner party. You can integrate your own ideas with ours, to help give you the perfect balance in creating and setting the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests, making it a Christmas to remember.The Perfect way to make your table complete starts with your table linen.

Do not forget to buy stylish linen, a classic design. Why not try Our Signature range? With a luxurious cotton soft feel and a range of vibrant colours, it makes it the ideal table linen to compliment great food and company with very little effort.A set of 6 Luxury wine glasses – try and make them unique but do not spend too much money. Why not look for a plan design with a little colour added to it. Classic but enough to make it different for a special occasion just like Christmas (number depending on the amount of guests).

Candles...candles can really set the tone of a dinner party, many people think candles mean romance – not true, and candles can create a relaxing soft tone, so you can sit back and relax with your party. (Why not try two large candles put in two larger see through plain glass vases, for the centre of the table – it will reflect the light but also protect your table).

Table mats – these are essential in making not only your table look very nice and pretty for guests but protecting the table against spillages- hot plates and scratches – however old your table is, you should still protect it. Pick a colour that is for the occasion, so try a gold, silver or red, depending on what colour your linen is. If your linen is white, why not try a bright red or gold, vice versa if your linen is a bright colour; pick a non bright colour, like plain black or silver. Avoid flowery patterns; they can confuse the style of your table accessories.

Matching cutlery, nothing can look nicer then a matching set of knives, forks and spoons. This can be achieved cheaply and cheerfully, it does not cost the world to have a set of plan cutlery, so again have a good look round, it can really bring a little class to the table at a little price.

Matching Plates, it really does look nice to have a matching set- I am not suggesting you go and buy a whole new set but keep it plain and simple- if you have plane white plates- use all white, that way if you need any extra plates for extra people, you can buy cheap spares at a low cost. White is also clean and fresh and makes whatever you’re cooking for dinner look more appealing to the eye. It also shows up your table linen and table accessories without clashing.

Make sure you don’t spend more than your budget – sometimes the excitement of holding a dinner party can make your mind run overtime and it is very easy to get carried away – but remember it is about having fun and enjoying your friends, family or co-workers company and a huge bill afterwards will make sure you don’t enjoy it. Dinner parties can be lots of fun and very affordable – just remember that.

Do not forget to add a little sparkle to your table, why not chose a little centre piece in the middle of your candles, something simple, yet a little sparkly. If you have any left over Christmas tree bobbles, why not get a glass ball and fill it up with bobbles, all the same colour but different styles, for example three silver and then three silver glitter ones. It just adds a little Christmas to your table.

Food - make sure you cater for everyone’s needs, so before the party why not ask all the guests that will be attending, a list of yes and no foods, with their reactions why not try and match the best suited food for you all, if you are having a classic Christmas dinner, keep it simple and traditional. Don’t spend too much time cooking; you also need to enjoy the day. (Far too many people try to make extravagant meals and it can really end in disaster unless your very good at it).

Make sure you don’t spend too much time cooking and not spending any time with your guests and enjoy Christmas. Make sure you cater for their needs in drink wise, offer water on the table - this will help save you time, so you guests can pour their own drinks. Offer a range of non alcoholic drinks as well as alcoholic, such as juices or alcoholic free cocktails - again this depends on your guests. Also remember to keep them entertained, so that if you need to nip and check on the food, you can without your guests getting bored. It really is simple but most of all make sure you enjoy your Christmas dinner party- if you enjoy it your guests will definitely follow.

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