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Study shows the most stolen item in hotels

68% of guests have taken linen from hotels

When it comes to budgeting the cost of running a hotel, it’s really helpful to have an accurate estimate for the expenses likely to be incurred over the coming year. Knowing how much you plan to spend in any given year is ultimately good for business, whether these items are long-lasting pieces of furniture such as beds, or things that need to be more regularly replaced because they can be easily broken such as crockery. However, the fact that many hotel guests often steal things during their visits means that many hoteliers need to replace things long before the end of their natural lifespan.

While it’s unlikely that anybody will steal the very bed they sleep in, there are plenty of items that guests will rather happily fit into their suitcases. Although thefts of batteries, cutlery and kettles are all common, according to The Telegraph, it is hotel linen that most British travellers are most likely to take. In fact, it’s suggested that as many as 68 per cent of people have taken linen or towels on at least one hotel visit. With so many towels, pillow cases, and even bed sheets leaving during checkout, overheads will go up, and profits will inevitably go down.

bbl-4Quality shouldn’t be compromised

Managers looking for a way to cut their costs may consider switching to cheaper linen. Since it’s an immediate way to reduce spending it can initially appear attractive. However, it’s clear to see why such a step may cause problems. While guests may be less likely to help themselves to your lovely fluffy towels, they’re also less likely to want to come back, or give your hotel a good review, especially with hotel competition being fierce, it’s important to make guests feel special and enjoy their stay to obtain repeat business. Furthermore, low quality towels may need replacing more frequently, which in turn could actually end up increasing your expenditure.


IMG_0507Could RFID be the answer?

Another way for hotel owners to potentially save money on bed sheets and towels is to use a linen rental service, although some managers won’t want to give up control on how and where the linen is used. One way to ensure you have complete control while reducing the cost of your hotel linen is by integrating RFID chips into them.

The chip allows linen rental companies to keep track of how much stock you currently have, and the history of your product, which could allow you to request specific individual linens to guarantee the consistency in your rooms. Another potential advantage for Hotel and Spa owners, is with the correct sensors in place, alarms can be set off when linens exit the premises, similar to those found in high street shops - maybe if a few more hotels used this affordable technology hotel linen wouldn’t be number one on the ‘most stole’ list.

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