With our insulated roofs and double glazing windows, the UK is best equipped for keeping us cosy during the long winter months. So as the country grapples with some of the hottest temperatures on record, what can you do to keep cool during the sizzling summer nights, especially if your property doesn’t have air conditioning? If you’re struggling to cope in the heat or stay asleep as the mercury soars, here are our top tips for making things more comfortable.


  • Invest in a summer duvet

If you’re struggling to sleep but are still using your winter duvet, this is a sign to officially ditch it until the autumn again! Invest in a lighter tog duvet, such as our 4.5 tog hollowfibre summer duvet, which will make heatwave nights more comfortable. If you’re still too hot with a summer duvet, just sleep with a sheet to stay cool and get your zeds in!


  • Opt for lightweight fabrics

On the topic of sheets, a great way to keep cooler is to opt for lightweight fabrics during hotter days. Linen and 100 percent cotton are better alternatives to cotton rich blends, which may encourage you to sweat more when you sleep. Invest in our 400 thread count Hampton bed linens, which are lighter at 104gsm, meaning the sheets will keep your skin cooler for longer. And they’re made in England - bonus!


  • Close your windows and use a fan

You may be tempted to open your bedroom windows, but once it gets hotter outside than it is inside you’re best off closing them, along with any curtains and blinds to keep the sun out and your room as cool as possible. If you’ve got a fan then use it, putting an ice pack in front of it to make the air much cooler. But since fans use electricity and can create heat, make sure there is an internal door open otherwise you’ll be defeating the object of trying to cool your bedroom down!


  • Keep hydrated

It may seem obvious but it’s essential you keep an extra eye on your hydration levels during weeks like this and ensure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. A motivational water bottle will help you meet your intake levels so you don’t get dehydrated overnight. Taking a cold shower before bed will also bring your overall body temperature down.


  • Avoid cooking

If it’s your turn to make dinner tonight our next tip could be music to your ears! During a heatwave, it’s advisable to avoid cooking as much as you can, since ovens and hobs create so much heat inside the house. Instead of cooking in the evening you could prep dinner in the morning, when the temperature is generally cooler, or instead opt for no-cook meals like salads and wraps, or treat yourself to some take outs!


  • Turn off your tech

In today’s digital world, our bedrooms are usually plugged in with all sorts of devices and gadgets, but if you want to keep your bedroom as cool as possible, it’s officially time to turn off the tech. Phones, TVs, tablets and laptops all emit heat and if used late into the night can cause the room temperature to rise. So go on, uplug your devices and enjoy the digital detox for a night or two.


We hope these tips help you stay cooler during this record-breaking week. What’s your top tip for making the hot summer nights more bearable?