Business travellers fall into the big spenders category and can contribute to up to half of a hotel’s revenue, so it’s really important to make sure they are fully catered for alongside your leisure customers and that you turn them into repeat guests. These days both leisure and corporate customers are looking for more than a hotel room; they are looking for value, not only in terms of how much they’re paying, but in what they experience while staying with you.

It is that challenging, elusive guest experience that needs to appeal to different customers whose visions of experience and value can vary enormously. Some bigger budget hotels have taken on this challenge by running two marketing campaigns; one targeting leisure and the other business travellers, promoting different experiences for each. But what about those mid-size and smaller businesses who don’t have the budget for two parallel marketing campaigns? What can you do in-house to make sure your business travellers enjoy their experience?

A Generous Supply of Plug Points & Other Room Amenities

Most business travellers use a laptop, tablet and at least one phone, all of which need to be charged and ready to go in the morning. This means at least four or more plug points are an absolute necessity. Make sure you have adapters for your international business guests and group the plug points around the bed and desk for convenience. A rubbish bin, fridge and kettle all make a business traveller’s stay more pleasant and a microwave earns you a bonus point.

A Desk and Fast WIFI

During a business trip, work usually doesn’t stop once your guest returns to their hotel room, and trying to work from bed or with their laptop balanced on their knees can be frustrating, not to mention uncomfortable. A desk is a necessity when they’re finishing off a presentation or holding a video or conference call. As a rule, WIFI should be free and fast and shouldn’t require an advanced degree to get working!

A Comfortable Sofa and Laptop Safe

After an exhausting day of business, customers should be able to relax on the sofa and unwind in front of the TV, so make it comfortable and big enough for a grown person to stretch out on. The safe needs to be large enough to house not only a passport and valuables, but should have enough space for a laptop - you get extra marks for having a plug socket or power point inside it so that electronics can be fully charged when customers get back to their rooms.

Iron and Ironing Board or Laundry Service

No matter how many times or how well shirts and suits are packed, they will no doubt emerge a little worse for wear. An iron and ironing board in the room or a rapid turnaround laundry service will help keep business travellers happy and looking their best.

Onsite Gym and Healthy Eating Options

Business customers find it a huge challenge staying on track with their fitness goals when travelling. The possibility of a quick workout and a chance to burn off the day’s stress at a 24hr or early open/late close gym makes all the difference. Similarly, when focused on work the last thing they might feel like doing is leaving the hotel to try to find a restaurant that offers a selection of tasty and healthy food, so a quick and healthy bite to eat in the hotel’s restaurant or cafe is just the thing.

Business Centre

Regardless of whether your hotel has full conference facilities, you should at least equip it with a business centre which offers a printer, fax, photocopier, plenty of plug sockets and complimentary WIFI.

A Good Night’s Sleep

An absolute must. A comfortable bed with soft pillows, crisp clean sheets, black out curtains and a soundproof room will offer your business guests the restful experience they need after a long day’s work or flight.