When you go and stay somewhere, it’s nice to be made a fuss of. A comfortable guest room is welcoming and helps you feel at home. But a lousy guest room can ruin an otherwise lovely time away.

Making sure your guests never have a terrible night’s sleep can be easy and inexpensive. Putting the finishing touches to a guest room makes a big difference, and you can make someone’s time truly special with just a little effort and some well thought out additions 

Read on to learn how to transform your unwelcoming guest room into the perfect space for visitors.

Invest in the mattress

A bad mattress can ruin a perfect guest room. Investing in a good mattress is perhaps the most important thing for a guest room; no one wants to wake with a bad back. If you can’t afford to buy a new mattress, mattress toppers can easily be added for an affordable price, and it changes everything. Our Jersey mattress protector is fully waterproof to offer 100% protection for your mattress, while this hollowfibre bed topper makes every bed more comfortable.

Upgrade your bedding

Stained, scratchy and mismatched bedding can ruin a guest bedroom. It makes the whole room feel like an afterthought. Matching, good quality bed linen means your guest will feel welcome and comfortable when they sleep. Proper cotton bedding is soft and comfortable against the skin and will stop guests from overheating during the night.

Leave room for bags

Your guests will undoubtedly need space to put their belongings, even if they only stay for a night. No one wants to put dirty suitcase wheels on the bed, so make space elsewhere to open a bag when unpacking. It could be a table, a dresser or just a chair, but make sure guests can unpack quickly and make sure there is somewhere to store the bag afterwards. Under the bed is always a good place.

Obvious plugs

Nowadays, almost everyone will need to charge some kind of device at some point. It can be very frustrating to hunt for a plug or be forced to unplug your light to plug in your phone. Provide adaptors and extension cords so guests can plug in multiple devices easily.

Provide the basics

It’s easy to forget something when packing. It could be shampoo, body wash, a shower cap, tissues, or toothpaste. Providing minis of the essential items is a thoughtful touch that guests will appreciate.


Provide water

It’s incredible how many bedrooms don’t have bottled water or water glasses by the bed. There is nothing more disturbing than walking to the bathroom or the kitchen to search for water. Guests will appreciate having water within reach so they can take a sip and fall straight back asleep.


Check the lighting

Everyone likes different lighting when they sleep, but no one enjoys waking up in darkness and having to turn on a super bright white light. Change the lightbulbs in the main light and any bedside lights for warmer, LED lights for a cosier atmosphere.


Extra blankets

You might like the current temperature, but your guests might have the thermostat a bit higher at home. If you aren’t going to provide a heater, make sure you provide extra blankets. Cold guests aren’t happy guests.


Making a guest room welcoming isn’t hard. You just need to think over the basics and ensure that your guests have space to unpack and a bed they want to relax in. A good night’s sleep is the most important thing to consider; the rest is easy!!