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What will we be eating in 2011?

The year in food

Just like fashion, interior design, and holiday trends, food can be influenced by trends too. Premium supermarket Waitrose has predicted ten of these food trends for 2011, based on existing market trends and general influences on public life. With austerity and health still at the forefront of our minds, it seems lighter, simpler foods are going to continue to grow in popularity. However, with the royal wedding tourism boost on the horizon, Waitrose predicts a surge in the popularity of nostalgic British foods.

Here are a handful of the supermarket's predictions for 2011's food trends:

Japanese: As this cuisine is usually very low in fat, the recent fad for Sushi restaurants will develop into a fully-fledged Japanese food trend.

Mexican: Cheap, cheerful and versatile, Mexican food will no longer be limited to ready-made fajita or taco kits. Doing it yourself will become easier as classic spices such as Chipotle are introduced, but the Mexican tradition of cooking savoury dishes with chocolate may take a while to catch on!

Peruvian: Dubbed "one to watch" by Waitrose Chief Executive Neil Nugent, Peruvian cuisine includes stews, tamales and quinoa – all old favourites with vegetarians.

Swedish: Smoked fish, cheeses, crisp breads and jams are Scandinavian staples. The traditional fermented fish in a can is slightly less appealing.

Vintage: Hit with royal wedding fever, the UK will be inspired by "recipes our grandmothers loved", according to Nugent. Dishes that went out of fashion long ago such as faggots and suet puddings are set to see a resurgence, but perhaps with a Heston Blumenthal-style modern twist. Restaurants may also be influenced by a traditional interior design trend, with heritage themes such as dark wood, crystal glasses and white tablecloths.

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