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Summer Style Guide 2014 - In the Reception Area

In the Reception Area: Bright and Breezy


A beautiful reception area tells your guests that the rest of your hotel will follow suit, and that a stay there will be one full of enjoyment, relaxation and luxury. Make first impressions count this summer with these tips and tricks to creating a cool and inviting reception area.


Creating Space


If there’s one thing a reception area should be, it’s spacious, so make the most of the area you have. Even a small space can be opened up with a few clever style and decor choices.

Remember that relaxed, inviting feeling conjured up when you step into a cool, marble reception area in a continental hotel? Natural light, reflective surfaces and neutral colours all help to open up a room and create such a bright and tranquil space.

shutterstock_682425-lowUse creams, soft greens and cool, cloudless blues to help convert even the cosiest interior into a seemingly larger, relaxing space. These reflective colours create an open and spacious area, maximizing the effect of any natural light. Using a lighter, high-gloss paint for your wall trims will create an optical illusion of sorts, reflecting light back into the room and making the walls appear further back.

Open windows and doors to flood the space with fresh, summer air and allow as much natural light as possible into the reception. The connection with the outdoors will open up the room, creating an atmosphere of freshness and freedom that characterises those warm summer months.

A large, strategically placed mirror  will make your room look larger and brighter, introducing an element of shine and making the most of any natural light, bouncing it deep into the room. Angle your mirrors towards the focal point, giving the illusion of depth or place it near a window to reflect the outdoors.


Add a Splash of Colour



Update old furniture and neutralise any dark, light absorbing colours or styles using fresh and versatile linens. Choose pretty vintage tablecloths for that ‘English Cottage’ summer look, or linen  with clean lines and classic style for a more modern edge. Linens are also a great way to introduce some of those light, bright colours that will help to open up your space and help create a cool, breezy atmosphere. Stick with gentle blues, greens and yellows for that natural, sun-kissed, summer feel.


Add Statement Furniture


shutterstock_76716940-lowEmbrace the bold colour-block trend this summer and create contrast and interest with a statement piece. A bright seat or sofa is the easiest way to introduce colour in to a space, but keep the backdrop neutral to allow the colour to really pop.

Arrange the furniture so that focus is drawn to it, and keep the décor in the rest of the room to a minimum, limiting the number of accessories and keeping the floor as clear as possible.

If you prefer to update your space rather than launch a full-scale style overhaul, simply freshen up your existing furniture for the season with some bright soft furnishings , adding a cool colour splash to your reception. If there’s space, create a seated area with coffee tables where guests can relax and use crisp table runners  and wild, summer blooms to bring an element of nature and summertime into the area. Gleaming, glass topped tables will help to create an impression of openness, brightening the area by reflecting light back into the room.


shutterstock_78005947Add Friendly Foliage


Indoor plants, the ultimate in functional decorating, are the perfect way to bring the freshness and liveliness of summer into your hotel, effortlessly creating a more relaxing, restful ambiance in any room. Some well-placed greenery can not only brighten a space but also purify the air. Bring nature inside this summer, arranging green, luscious plants on table tops, or large free-standing plants around your reception area.


Add Accessories


Accessorise your space carefully, making sure you don’t over-clutter it with unnecessary items. Let your statement piece do the talking and use neutral floor and table lamps  to bring light into the area at any time of the day. Don’t forget to add an umbrella or coat stand  for those inevitable summer showers!

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