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The Kitchen Linen Essentials Required In Busy Restaurants

Any busy restaurant kitchen needs to be well-organised and supplied with all the essentials required to ensure the business runs like clockwork. There are loads of hidden extras needed to keep restaurant kitchens ticking over and linen items are just one essential supply that should not be neglected.


The numbers and types of linen products in your store cupboards will vary depending upon the size of your catering facility, but the essential items are highlighted below.


In the kitchen


No busy restaurant kitchen can afford to be without an adequate supply of tea towels, kitchen cloths or oven cloths, as these are in use all throughout shifts and get dirty very quickly. Good quality oven cloths are essential for taking hot dishes out of ovens, so your catering establishment could well come to grief if you skimp on ordering this hidden linen essential.


Tea towels and kitchen cloths are also needed to ensure crockery and utensils are washed and dried adequately and good quality cotton tea towels will dry out really quickly. It's a good idea to have different ones for drying and wiping down sides to ensure everything is clean and hygienic..


You will need to closely monitor the stock levels of these hidden essentials, as workers will throw them away when they're worn or damaged..


Front of houseEMBAPRON


It's important for waiters to look the part when serving customers, so having all your employees wear aprons embroidered with the restaurant logo are essential for maintaining a professional appearance. These aprons can be extended to the kitchens as well, meaning your whole team will be kitted out in a matching uniform..


Waiters should also be equipped with cloths and specialist glass cloths, ensuring all aspects of your restaurant's service are gleaming..


Quality and Affordability


When you're buying linens for restaurant kitchens and waiting staff, it won't pay to skimp on quality. Busy catering establishments need the best linens to ensure continued durability and a long lifespan. Opting for lower quality linens can be a false economy as cheaper supplies often last a fraction of the time that can be expected from good quality linens. Pure cotton linens are chosen by top chefs in every type of catering outlet, as cotton offers the flexibility and reliability needed in the restaurant trade. Buying your linens in bulk can help make them more affordable and also ensure your store cupboards are stocked up at all times..

Tea towels

Richard Haworth is a supplier of high-quality linen products to restaurants, with 150 years of experience in providing the best products at the right prices. Our range of kitchen textiles covers every hidden essential needed within the catering trade..


No more will customers experience smeared glassware when you choose our 100% cotton glass cloths, and waiting staff will be well equipped to handle any spills or hot plates when our waiter cloths are to hand. Your kitchen staff will also appreciate the quality and durability of our tea towels, oven cloths and kitchen cloths, especially when shifts are busy and countless meals are being prepared. Additionally, we supply hot towels for customer use following meals, and a superb range of table linens, ensuring your restaurant delivers immaculate customer service at all times.


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