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  • Four ways you may be damaging your linens

    If you run a hotel, you'll know how frustrating it is when linens get damaged. Towels and bedding can be expensive, and constantly having to replace them can put a big dent in your profits. While a certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable, certain practices may be damaging your linens unnecessarily. By understanding the causes of this damage, you can take steps to prevent it. Here are four common pitfalls to avoid.


    1. Using the wrong wash cycle


    Some wash cycles are more aggressive than others, and choosing a harsh Continue reading

  • How can I prevent bedding from shrinking?

    If you run a hotel, you'll know that items shrinking in the wash can be a real headache. There's nothing more annoying than having to reorder supplies after finding that perfectly good bedding has shrunk. Hotel-quality bedding is not cheap and, as well as the inconvenience, having to constantly restock your supplies can be a huge drain on your profits.

    Luckily, shrinking is not inevitable. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your bedding keeps its size wash after wash.


    What is shrinking and why does it happen?


    Shrinking or Dimensional stability to laundering, is the result of the weave of a fabric `closing up` under washing and some drying conditions. Continue reading

  • How to wash & maintain Tablecloths fit for a restuarant

    A room full of tablecloth-covered tables in a restaurant really does signify a touch of class. Crisp tablecloths and napkins that are pristine and white gives an instant impression of a professional establishment and helps draw passing trade into a restaurant. Table linen of course can be expensive but this is one area when skimping on price is definitely not a good idea. High-quality tablecloths will last longer and will be easier to take care of than cheaper options. It is also important of course to treat your table linen carefully and make sure it is laundered properly. White tablecloths and napkins that look fine from a distance but reveal themselves to be grubby and stained upon closer inspection may persuade that restaurant's clientele to decide against making a return visit. Continue reading

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