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  • How to create a luxury spa experience

    Everyone deserves a little pampering at times to unwind, relax and destress. This is certainly true in the current climate for most people. But what do you do if you cannot visit a hotel spa currently to achieve this? The perfect answer is to recreate the whole spa experience at home. This is not as hard as it sounds and does not need to cost lots of money. By the time you have finished, you will have your very own sanctuary from the world.

    But just how can you recreate the authentic spa experience at home? Continue reading

  • Mayfair Towels Now Available

    Our plushest towel yet, Mayfair, is now available. A 650gsm 100% combed cotton towel made in Turkey using Turkish yarns, Mayfair features a unique narrow ribbed header, Mayfair is ideal for deluxe establishments and their discerning guests. Continue reading

  • Study shows the most stolen item in hotels

    68% of guests have taken linen from hotels

    When it comes to budgeting the cost of running a hotel, it’s really helpful to have an accurate estimate for the expenses likely to be incurred over the coming year. Knowing how much you plan to spend in any given year is ultimately good for business, whether these items are long-lasting pieces of furniture such as beds, or things that need to be more regularly replaced because they can be easily broken such as crockery. Continue reading

  • Cleanliness revealed as a top priority of hotel guests

    Customer loyalty

    A report by the Mystery Dining Company has revealed the importance of cleanliness to hotel guests, reports Big Hospitality. Of 320 people surveyed, the survey found that 60 per cent had at some point in the past been "forced" to complain about the cleanliness standards of their hotel room. Hotel cleanliness was also revealed to be a top three priority for hotel guests, alongside the price and the location of the establishment.

    Crucially, the cleanliness of the hotel – or how quickly a complaint is dealt with – is the swaying factor in getting customers to return, as 90 per cent said it would influence future trips. Continue reading

  • Wholesale towels 'presented in tidy bundles'

    Wholesale towels 'presented in tidy bundles'

    A family who enjoyed a staycation in Devon recently could not help but be impressed by the well appointed guest house they let for the week.

    David Dillon, writing for the Daily Mail, stated that the grown-ups in the group were particularly "impressed with how each bedroom had been meticulously prepared", with freshly cut flowers used as decoration and wholesale towels "stylishly presented" in tied bundles. Continue reading

  • Can spa supplies help draw in customers?

    Can spa supplies help draw in customers?

    There are a number of factors that customers should be on the lookout for when selecting a beauty salon, one sector commentator has claimed - and the owners of such establishments may wish to pay close attention to these.

    In addition to choosing an establishment based on the quality of spa supplies they boast, women should also base their decision on how the employees of the establishment themselves look. Continue reading

  • B&B owners compare hotel supplies

    B&B owners compare hotel supplies

    There is something that scares the owners of a haunted bed and breakfast in Scotland more than ghosts and ghouls - rival hotel owners.

    New Channel 4 series Three In A Bed brings together the owners of holiday accommodation to compare the hotel supplies and services they each offer.

    And it did not take long before the sparks were flying, with Jules and Sam May, owners of Lunan Lodge, telling the Daily Record that they had been left "crushed" by what their competition thought of their business. Continue reading

  • What is Terry?

    What is Terry?

    Terry is a cloth with either loops all over on both sides of the fabric or patterned loops on both sides. It is formed through a weaving process with an extra warp yarn to make the loops. Characteristics of terry cloth are as follows; long wearing, easy to launder with little or no ironing required. Terry can be bleached, dyed, or printed (similar to screen printing). Continue reading

  • Special Offer on Richmond Towels

    Richmond Towels are currently available with a 15% discount. But hurry, this is a limited time offer so act now to avoid disappointment. Click here to view our offer.

  • Hotel Linens and the Hotel Inspector

    Richard Haworth supply leading established hotels and restaurants with the top quality linen. Offering a range of textile products which can satisfy whatever your hospitality needs. Having been established since 1876, along with our history we have a track record which is second to none in making sure we meet the needs of restaurants, hotels, event organisers, cruise ships and airlines.

    So if you haven’t already, why not have a browse at our selection of ranges? Continue reading

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