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  • Set the perfect wedding reception table

    For many people their wedding is one of the most important days of their life, so it’s understandable that most people want everything to be as perfect as possible when they say I do. The wedding reception is just as important, and this is a brief guide on getting your table settings just right.

    Circular or rectangular tables

    Circular tables are arguably more social and democratic but they can be less space-efficient than rectangular tables. If you are using long, narrow table use tall centrepieces to add depth to the setting, Continue reading

  • Hotels, restaurants and homes can cut the cost of Christmas

    Have a cheap Christmas without being a scrooge

    Christmas 2010 will go down in history as the year everybody had to cut back, but having a cheap Christmas doesn't mean it will be any less fun. With a few easy-to-implement ideas, this festive season could have benefits for your wallet, the environment, and your guests.

    Reuse, recycle and DIY: If there's anything you can reuse, do! When it comes to decorations, sometimes a candle in a green wine bottle with a red ribbon around it will do just the job. In the home, salt dough decorations are cheap and fun to make. Continue reading

  • Restaurant industry could be damaged by new UK immigration cap

    Chefs not 'skilled' enough

    There is deep concern in the restaurant industry that the impending immigration cap could stunt the UK's catering and tourism sector. The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has written to the Home Office about the potential effects of the limitations on UK restaurants, calling the move "potentially disastrous".

    The BHA's main concerns lie in the new definition of a 'skilled worker'. Anyone from outside Europe applying for a work permit must fit in either Tier 1 – entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, etc – or Tier 2, which now means those with a university degree. Continue reading

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