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  • Keeping Duvets and Pillows Clean for Your Guests

    For the hospitality industry, it has always been that reputations are painstakingly won – and often easily lost – by things as seemingly simple as basic cleanliness. But in the midst of a world in crisis from the spread of COVID-19, cleanliness has become far from simple.


    In 2020, and as businesses reopen for bookings, the commitment to scrupulous hygiene has to be front and centre in the minds of hosts and guests alike. We know that the virus is passed by droplets, and the particles within are more resistant than many forms of bacteria to washing and cleaning. Even maintaining social distancing, it’s possible for someone to pass, and contract, COVID-19 by just brushing against a contaminated surface. And that’s especially bad for hotels and guest houses. Continue reading

  • Should you install a spa in your hotel?

    Hotels of any size would do well to consider the benefits of adding a spa, for greater customer enjoyment and satisfaction. It's increasingly the case that hotel guests expect a variety of leisure facilities when they book a room, even if they're only staying the one night.


    Effective Planning


    More and more hotels are adding a spa now, because of this factor, whether they're city hotels or country lodges. The amount spent on fitting a spa can vary enormously though, so, if you're considering installing in your hotel, you need to research it thoroughly beforehand. Continue reading

  • Excuse me?! The weird and wonderful requests from all kinds of whacky hotel guests

    Some people just aren't themselves when they're not at home, and when they're on the road and travelling, they can be downright bizarre and have all sorts of crazy expectations. Possibly nowhere else is strange human behaviour consistently exhibited than in hotels, places of rest for the weary where people demand the oddest of things.

    One of Britain's largest hotel chains, the budget-conscious and big-roomed Travelodge is certainly no stranger to receiving decidedly offbeat requests from guests, odd questions that often leave front-desk staff entirely perplexed. Continue reading

  • Life is Suite: What Do Guests Really Want in Their Hotel Rooms?

    When booking a hotel, guests may take into account the restaurant, spa facilities and bar but ultimately, the bedroom and bathroom are the most essential part of a guest’s experience. This is where hotels really put their reputations on the line; so what are guests really looking for?


    A big, soft, fluffy bed is the thing dreams are made of, especially after a long business day or if your guests are simply taking a break from the daily grind. Continue reading

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