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  • 2018 restaurant trends

    As 2017 heads towards its conclusion, we are nearly ready for another year in hospitality. Anyone who keeps an eye on the industry, or who dines out on a regular basis, will know that every year new trends and fads emerge, and in this article we take a look at what we could see more of in 2018, judging by this year's restaurant developments.


    Restaurant groups


    If you can do something well once, why not do it just as well again? Successful British restaurants are eyeing the success of brands which are headed up by big-name chefs. They know the importance of a good reputation, and how it can be a wise business move to expand as soon as possible, Continue reading

  • 5 Rising trends for the food and beverage sectors

    The food and beverage industry is as susceptible to the whims of fashion and change as any other. Here's a look at five rising trends sweeping the UK and European F&B sectors.


    Counter couture

    Brexit is having a major impact on business models across numerous industries, and the food and beverage sectors are no exceptions. The imminent changes are likely to see a switch to the more American 'diner' models that embrace counter couture and downplay full table service. This is an effective model from an economic perspective, and it generally requires fewer members of staff to serve more customers. Continue reading

  • Out With the New and in With the Old; the Rise of the ‘Heritage’ Food Trend

    The heritage food trend has been steadily on the rise for a while now, and this year it is bigger than ever. Not only has the range of heritage variety fruit and veg become increased, but so has the popularity of historic dining venues, from old mills to vineyards and breweries.
    With EU laws surrounding non-commercial seed being relaxed in order to make the registration process more affordable, Continue reading

  • Keeping up with 2015’s Foodie Favourites?

    Food fads are fast-paced trends driven by fashion, season and palette and can make a real difference to a Hotel or Restaurant’s revenue. So what do hotels and restaurants need to look out for in 2015?


    The Great British Breakfast

    A recent study showed that 29% of people like to eat out for breakfast at least once a week, and 52% opt for brunch. Continue reading

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