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  • Effective ways to keep warm at night

    During the cold winter days, or even in early spring when warm days contrast sharply with cooler nights, maintaining a comfortable temperature while sleeping can be difficult. At home, if you prefer to keep central heating costs to a minimum, the air temperature in your bedroom can drop suddenly, while in hotels achieving a consistent climate can be downright difficult. Both hot and cold temperatures have the effect of stimulating your body’s natural alarm clock, meaning that without the optimum temperature, you’re more likely to suffer a restless night.

    Fortunately some simple remedies can help to give you a warmer, more comfortable night’s sleep Continue reading

  • Improve Your Sleep With Eco Friendly Tencel Duvets & Hypoallergenic Down Like Pillows

    Our latest new products have been designed to improve your sleep whilst at the same time being eco friendly and protecting against allergies. The Micro Down Pillow is designed to provide a luxury goose down like feel yet is synthetic and hypoallergenic. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies, but don’t want to substitute on quality. Continue reading

  • The Science of Sleep

    Whilst most of us appreciate the importance of sleep, very few of us actually get enough. It is recommended that we each get around eight hours of sleep every night. That’s one third of our lives spent sleeping. So why is it so important?

    Sleep has a huge effect on health and well-being throughout life and getting enough quality sleep at the right times effects the way you feel while you’re awake. Continue reading

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