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Summer Style Guide 2014 - In the Bedroom

In the Bedroom: Flawless & Fresh


Summer is an amazing season that we all look forward to; we love to stay outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. This year, bring summer indoors, especially into the bedroom, to get your guests in the summer mood with a calm and clear mind every day.  Nothing beats ending a day of fun in the sun by slipping between fresh, cool cotton sheets.

Bedding, curtains and natural plants and flowers are the first and easiest step in summer bedroom décor. Add rustic accessories and natural woods help to create a summer country-house atmosphere and splashes of your favourite fresh colours help to liven up your space.


Create a light, bright, adaptable sanctuary.


Bedrooms are for relaxing, and using neutral tones can be the perfect start for serene style. Keep the palette light and bright, accenting fresh spring colours against the coolness of the walls and floors. Choose light greys, linen whites and soft creams.



Create some mood lighting with a range of natural lights


Swap your heavy curtains for light drapes and make the most of the long summer days. Keep it cool, calm and clean using shades of pale blue, yellow and green. Open up the windows and let as much fresh summer air into the room as possible, connecting the indoors with the world outside.
If a bedroom is a little lacking in brilliant summer sunshine, paint the headboard with a glossy finish to help bounce what light there is back in to the room. Use reflective accessories around the room and add a large, white framed mirror to create space and a fresh, airy feel, even in smaller rooms.

Use a patterned lampshade for texture, or a spring-tone lamp to add a splash of summer sunshine into the neutral room. If your space is limited, eliminate any need to juggle items on the nightstand, keeping the area spacious and uncluttered, by mounting a wall light.


Load the bed with soft linens


Keep the centre piece of the bedroom – the bed – easy, breezy and beautiful with lightweight, breathable linens. Start with cool white sheets, which can be adapted for any season with simple accessories. Top the bed with a soft white duvet, down alternatives area a great replacement for winter duvets. Use a crisp, white cotton or linen cover to keep the layers light and breathable.

Add flourishes of colour by layering the bed with a bold print blanket to contrast with the clean whiteness of the décor and linen. Then, pile on the pillows, and don’t shy away from mixing patterns and textures. Combine solid colours with large prints and small ones, florals or geometrics.



Fill your room with plants and flowers


Nothing brightens up a room quite like a glorious display of flowers. Include many different seasonal varieties of colour and shape to create temporary works of art, right by the bedside. Either use green fern-like plants for a simplistic, modern style, or brightly hued blooms in abundance to reflect the lavishness of nature throughout springtime and summer. Use fragrant flowers such as peonies, dahlias, roses and honeysuckle to bring that open summer garden feel to life.


Choose a Focal Point


If you want colour without the all-out commitment, inject hits of it with your art and accessories. Use a variety of tones and textures to give your room a layered feel.

A beautiful piece of furniture becomes the focal point when angled into the room. This approach may be more efficient in your space, too. Use a pattern or colour to complement and contrast with the light tones of the room.


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