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Summer Style Guide 2014 - In the Bathroom

In the Bathroom: Soothing & Serene

For the hot summer months, there are a variety of bathroom themes you can go with: bold with colour, breezy bright whites, soothing seaside blues and garden greens. Use these themes to create the perfect spa-like, summer look for your bathroom.


Bright and breezy whites

Nothing says "relaxing spa" like light and bright walls and ceilings. Breezy bright whites are the perfect theme for the summer months creating a light and airy feel to the room. Balance varied textures and natural light with modern bathroom statement pieces. Make your bathroom a soothing and personal space with neutral tiles and sepia-toned photos. Even simple photos look chic when framed and hung uniformly over the tub. A plush bath mat draped over the tub keeps the bathroom floor clutter-free.


Add coastal colours

The colour blue is associated with relaxation and is the perfect colour to help your guests unwind. Soft, light colours paired with oceanic turquoise or powder blues and bright white bathroom fittings are the perfect combination to create a peaceful, natural sanctuary.



Bring in botanicals

Add an orchid. Not only are these exotic flowers simple and stunning, conjuring up thoughts of luscious rainforests and tranquil jungle oases, but they thrive in the warm, moist environment that the bathroom offers.

Embed this natural theme using slick, rounded, modern ceramics  in greens and blues for a contemporary style whilst using neutral tones and natural textures like wood and stone to breathe life into the room.


Get particular about tidiness

Neatness counts. Keep your surfaces uncluttered and clean. These reflective surfaces will light and brighten your room and make the most of natural light.



Use luscious linens

Use fluffy white or stone coloured towels to continue the natural, light and bright theme of your room. Roll them and shelve them to create that quintessential spa-luxury feel for your guests. Keep a fluffy white robe close at hand; whilst your guests may not need to wrap up warm, the feel of a fluffy, soft robe embodies the luxury and comfort of the spa, the perfect indulgence after a day of fun in the summer sun.


Little touches for big impact

Finishing touches make all the differences. Surprise guests with a few well-chosen treats at the end of a hot day to make sure their stay is a memorable one.

Display pretty toiletries and include some pampering treats by adding a few specialty soaps and bath gels. Use light, sweet fragrances that reflect the summertime like Molton Brown’s Japanese Orange Body Wash and Body Lotion and Kumudu Shampoo and Conditioner.

Add some candles around the room; no matter how small the bathroom, you can always give the bath tub a more relaxed feel with the glow of candlelight. Whether for the day or night, candlelight always creates a serene mood.

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