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How to Spring clean your social media

“Spring cleaning” is a great way to declutter and organise the chaos of untamed social media! It certainly doesn’t have to be done in spring and, in fact, it’s a great idea to do social media maintenance regularly throughout the year. Here are our 5 top tips to help get your online presence under control:


Delete any old accounts

Experts say that it is better to have no social media presence than a stagnant presence, so if you have signed up for Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare long ago but haven’t used it in a year or so, either: step up your efforts to make a significant impact on the platform, filling it with new and up to date information, or delete it!


Set goals

Decide what the purpose is for your use of each social platform. You shouldn’t have social media accounts just for the sake of having them; what do you want to get out of it? Can it help you with guest retention and engagement? There are about a million different social media platforms, but you don’t have to be active on all of them. Decide what works for your business and get rid of the rest.


Create a social media policy

To use social media successfully, a comprehensive document needs to be developed to guide all social media activity. This should address questions like: Who is in charge of social media at your hotel? Are there certain constraints handed down by your parent brand? Do employees know what should and should not be posted?


Make sure you’re taking advantage of new layouts

Social media platforms go through both subtle and/or drastic design changes fairly frequently (particularly Facebook). Review your profile and make sure it’s looking great, that you are making the most of new layouts and enabling useful tools that are available to you.


Check your branding

Hotels work hard to develop a strong brand to help ensure customers will return again, and even recommend your business to others. You wouldn’t consider omitting it from your website, so make sure you don’t forget to use it consistently across all of your accounts. You want it to be easy for your customers to know what your hotel is all about just by looking at your different profiles.

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