When it comes to picking your bathroom towels, it can be hard to get them right. You need to consider colour, size, patterns, weight and material. There is nothing quite like the perfect fluffy towels to make a bathroom feel luxurious. Stepping out of the shower or bath into soft, high-quality towels can make a simple bathroom feel opulent and welcoming. Here’s everything you need to know about making your bath linen the best it can be.



Different colours can create a different atmosphere. Classic white towels are timeless and create a peaceful, spa-like feel. Our Madison towels come in a range of muted colours including, off-white ivory, white, pebble, slate, black and chocolate to create a warm, cosy place to relax.

Deep, rich colours like navy, emerald or purple are luxurious but could overwhelm a small space and clash with white tiles.

Whichever colour you choose, always ensure your towels, robes, and mats are all the same colour. Colour-coordinating your bath linen gives an impression of unity, while random colours can feel hectic and overwhelming.


Size matters

Gone are the days when people just used one large towel for everything. Make sure you offer a range of sizes from small hand towels to large bath towels, fluffy robes or medium hair towels. A matching set of towels can make guests feel well-cared for.

As a minimum, you should have a hand towel, approximately 50x90 cm, a medium bath towel of 67x135cm and a larger bath sheet of 100x150cm. You can also choose to provide face cloths of around 30x30cm. You could also choose to add bathrobes instead of large towels.calgary bathroom towels


Material and weight

For the fluffiest, softest towels, you should aim to buy 100% pure cotton. Cotton towels are highly durable, keep colour well, stay super-absorbent, and still feel soft after multiple washes.

You can also choose the weight of your towels. Towels are measured by the density of grams per square meter (GSM). A lightweight towel will be around 300-450 GSM, while a heavier, more luxurious towel can be as many as 600-700 GSM. However, 700GSM towels can take significantly longer to wash and dry due to weight limitations on machines and overall size and so your energy bills will increase and will not be very eco-friendly.  

Generally, 300 GSM can be used for gyms and holiday parks and are easy to wash and quick to dry making them very eco-friendly. Around 500 GSM is ideal for most hotels and b&b's without using too much water during the washing process.

Anything above 600 GSM, such as our luxury Mayfair towels made of Turkish cotton, is perfect for giving five-star comfort for use in hotels, spas or for anyone who wants the ultimate softness while still being lightweight enough to wash and dry quickly.


How to Care for Bathroom Towels correctly

One of the most important things for ensuring you have good bath linen is how you care for them. Keeping your towels soft means you can reuse your towels over and over again. Make sure you check the label for the recommended washing and drying instructions.

For the best care possible, only wash towels with other towels and don’t use too much detergent. Bleach will destroy the softness of the fibres so avoid using it to keep towels soft and fluffy as once damaged, cannot be undone the fibres permanently damaged.