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Luxury linen spurs industry growth

More Britons enjoyed bed and breakfasts over 2009

Close to five million people enjoyed the comforts of bed and breakfasts across the UK over the course of 2009, according to new figures.

The Office for National Statistics revealed that 4.98 million chose to forego hotels and camping in order to stay in a traditional guesthouse.

It may be that the recession had an effect on such activity, as people actively sought to save money as the credit crunch hampered their finances. Similarly, it could be that they just opted to enjoy good quality bed linen and hospitality supplies at a low cost.

David Weston, chief executive of the Bed and Breakfast Association, remarked that the bed and breakfast industry made £2.1 billion over the course of 2009.

A rise in camping was also recorded, and Robert Louden, director general of the Camping and Caravanning Club, claimed this was due to people wanting simple holidays in the wake of uncertain financial times. He told The Telegraph: "People look for certainty in uncertain times. They revert to what they know and look forward to a stress free domestic holiday."

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