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Luxury hotel bathrobes are the latest must-have for the selfie set!

The selfie craze has been steadily growing for some time now, with many businesses searching for ways to capitalise on the obsession to promote their businesses. As the humble bathrobe takes centre stage and becomes the latest must-have accessory among the selfie set, hoteliers around the world are are rushing to ensure they have the perfectly fluffy, pristinely white robes hanging in their en suites to tempt their guests into providing them with a little free publicity.


Bathrobes have long since become a staple provision for hotels, alongside the obligatory shampoo, conditioner and pillow chocolates. Hotel bathrobes may seem like an insignificant detail, or an extravagant indulgence depending on the price bracket of your rooms, but the latest bathrobe selfie trend has made them a sound business investment for even the most budget rooms.


The rise of the selfie

We've become accustomed to guests photographing their food, their balcony views, their cocktails, and themselves (often sprawled across any impressive statues, furniture or novelty items they find in our hotels), but they're now taking it a step further.


And just as the savvy hotelier long ago thought to emblazon the name and logo of their establishment on cocktail glasses and beer mats in order to sneakily insert some free advertising into all the endless selfies, the emerging bathrobe craze has provided a new platform for promotion.


Ingenious marketing

Whether you're providing a distinguished pinstripe, a quirky and unusual pattern, a simple lush white or opting for something in your brand colours, hotel bathrobes are now a sound investment from a marketing perspective. By providing your guests with robes and ensuring they include your hotel's name and logo, you're well on the way to raising your profile.


Every new selfie taken exposes your hotel to potential new clients. You'll need to brace yourselves for the flurry of new customers bent on winning the selfie wars and demonstrating their lives are every inch as interesting as those of their nearest and dearest.


Brampton Bathrobe

Style and street cred

With Instagram alone boasting over 90,000 images accompanied by the hashtag #bathrobe, this is one trend hoteliers cannot afford to miss out on. The bathrobe selfie not only provides an exceptional opportunity to increase your visibility, it's also a chance to make a statement about your brand's quality and style.


Luxurious bathrobes will paint you as a high-end hotel, while trendy and unusual bathrobes will garner you the attention of fashionistas and hipsters, raising your street cred and demonstrating you're all about the experience of your guests.


The perfect hotel bathrobes

If you're looking for the perfect hotel bathrobes, look no further than Richard Haworth's exceptional range. Soft and sumptuous, they're beautiful to look at - and available with your hotel's name or logo in pristine embroidery to perfectly capitalise on the selfie set.


With no minimum order required, these robes provide you with the perfect chance to show off your brand in style. You can even stock extra robes and make them available for guests to purchase, generating extra revenue - it's a win, win!


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