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Keeping up with 2015’s Foodie Favourites?

Food fads are fast-paced trends driven by fashion, season and palette and can make a real difference to a Hotel or Restaurant’s revenue. So what do hotels and restaurants need to look out for in 2015?


The Great British Breakfast

A recent study showed that 29% of people like to eat out for breakfast at least once a week, and 52% opt for brunch.

Unsurprisingly then, international breakfast trends are winging their way to us. For example, from across the Atlantic, ‘Artisan Toast’ has swept into London; locally cultivated yeast, hand-kneaded and baked to perfection, ranging from walnut and cranberry sourdough, black pepper and parmesan ciabatta to a good old whole grain loaf, toast menus are making an appearance across the capital.

Not only are breakfast dishes creeping their way towards our lunch menus, but foodies also predict that 2015 is the year of the ‘brinner’, with breakfast recipes making their way to our dinner tables. Full English breakfasts, frittatas and a range of dishes that include bacon or poached eggs are expected to find their way on to a la carte’s across the country.


It seems, according to Baum and Whiteman Food Consultants, that we have rediscovered Oysters! The Oyster business in the UK has been enjoying a revival over the last ten years, re-popularised through pop-up seafood bars, classes and alcohol pairing sessions and now we are seeing oyster bars popping up around the country.


Gluten-free Grains

With a surge of gluten-free consumers and the rise of the carb-light diets like ‘Caveman’ and ‘Paleo’, Quinoa has taken centre-stage as the go-to gluten-free grain over recent years. However, a new contender is finding its place on UK menus this year: Freekah. Packed with protein, Freekeh has a nutty, smoky taste and is also being launched by supermarkets like Waitrose and Marks and Spencer.


Root and Stem Vegetables

Kale, your time is up! We’ve had our fill of leafy greens and it’s time for a new vegetable trend, so this year experts are predicting the rise of the cauliflower; crumbled and used as rice or couscous, mashed instead of potato and sliced thickly and served as ‘cauliflower steak’, alongside other less frequently used vegetables like celery root and kohlrabi.


Flavoured Waters

Barely sweetened, lightly flavoured waters attract consumer interest everywhere, and cucumber and coconut are very popular at the moment. Super-healthy, refreshing and natural, these waters are becoming a popular addition to drinks menus in restaurants around Britain.

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