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Five hotel room trends you need to know about

When you think of the ideal hotel room, does it look the same as the ones you visited when you were a child? The chances are that it doesn’t even look like those you loved five years ago. Interior design trends are always changing, and if you want the rooms you provide to please customers, you’d better keep up. Here’s what’s hot in 2018.


A warm welcome

People looking for hotel rooms today are all about that cosy, home-away-from-home feeling. They want somewhere that looks stylish and clean but is all about comfort and relaxation. Interestingly, that doesn’t mean warm colours – the trend this year is for whites, greys and blues – but it does mean lots of natural wooden furniture and soft carpets (say goodbye to those once fashionable stripped pine floors). It also means that little gestures of hospitality matter. Complimentary coffee, tea, water and locally produced snacks are real winners.


Big, beautiful beds

The most important feature of any hotel room is a comfortable bed. Almost 90% of guests like those beds to be big, and they’re really looking for luxury, so consider the Blenheim and Hampton bed linen ranges from Richard Haworth. Platform and upholstered beds are popular with hoteliers because they make cleaning simpler, and guests love a bed that feels and smells really fresh – another reason to opt for white. Adding extra pillows also adds to the appeal for this year’s guests – even if they throw them on the floor when it’s time to sleep.


Space to sit

People travelling to visit friends or relatives love to have the option of entertaining in their rooms, business travellers increasingly use them as collaborative working spaces. This means that extra seating is now seen as a big plus. Furthermore, because most people now work using lightweight laptops or tablets, they don’t feel much need for desks, so you can ditch those if you need to create space. A comfortable couch or a couple of smart but relaxing chairs is seen as a much bigger asset, and guests will happily work from there.


Atmospheric lighting

Recent research shows that guests like the lighting in their rooms to be warm but moody. Of course, they also want brighter light available when they’re working. The solution is to provide them with a variety of sources of illumination so they can choose – but ditch those angular desk lamps, which destroy the comfortable, home-like feeling. Old-fashioned cloth-shaded lamps are actually very popular today – just avoid floral ones, as anything with flowers on is now seen as twee and should be banished from your rooms.


Tech essentials

It should go without saying that when people are working from their hotel rooms, they need connectivity. Most guests travelling for leisure want this as well. You should, at the very least, offer free Wi-Fi. Cable or satellite television is generally expected. To make your hotel extra popular, keep a variety of phone and laptop chargers and some spare USB connectors at the front desk, let guests know that they’re available to borrow. Guests often forget their own and will love you for this.


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