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Brits 'failing to change wholesale bedding'

Brits 'failing to change wholesale bedding'Millions of Britons have admitted that their bedrooms are not as pristine as they could be.

Indeed, a new poll by Silentnight has revealed that many people have admitted to only washing their bedding, sheets and pillowcases once every five weeks.

While more than a third of respondents are willing to wait for longer than one month before putting their sheets in the wash, one in ten people only change their bedding once every two months.

However, experts have warned that while Britons may avoid changing the bed in order to save time, the place they sleep could also be home to a build-up of dead skin cells, along with some very unwelcome guests.

According to the Sun, ten million bed bugs could be present in an unwashed bed.

Sleep expert Iftikhar Mirza told the newspaper that failure to regularly wash bedding could allow beds to become a breeding ground for bacteria and dustmites, transforming them into "a minefield of viruses".

As a result, Britons should aim to change their bed at least once a week for clean coloured or white bed linen.

Elsewhere, Gail Porter recently told the Daily Mail that a magnetic mattress she slept on while on holiday in Malta appears to have cured her insomnia, meaning she could now be sleeping tightly - hopefully without the fear of bedbugs biting.

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