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Mattress Protectors FAQ

Jersey PU Mattress ProtectorIn the hotel and bed and breakfast trade, both hygiene and cost savings are of utmost importance. Mattress protectors help to address both issues, protecting both the mattress itself and the health of the sleeper: and, as a result, your reputation too.

Every mattress has a shelf life, but this can be prolonged with the use of a mattress protector, saving you money in the long run. While mattresses can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, this cleaning will apply to the surface level only. Mattresses, unfortunately, tend to stain very easily, with perspiration and spillages such as tea and coffee passing through the surface layer and creating marks which are hard to remove.

How to protect your mattress from liquids and stains

Waterproof mattress protectors, however, prevent liquids from passing through the surface of the mattress and creating these stains, instead absorbing them into the mattress protector.

As mattress warranties may be avoided if a mattress becomes stained, investing in protectors for your hospitality business will not only prolong the life of your mattress, but will protect you if mattress replacements are needed due to faults.

In addition to protecting the mattress itself, mattress protectors can protect the health of the sleeper. Guests with allergies will sleep safe in the knowledge that your establishment is protecting its mattresses, with mattress protectors filtering out allergens that trigger the symptoms of allergies and asthma.Mattress Protector 

Protect against bed bugs

US hotels are currently experiencing a bed bug epidemic, with New York bedbug infestations rising from 82 to 4,084 over the last five years. Such an infestation is expected to hit UK hotels in the near future - so the simple task of purchasing and using mattress protectors could save your business from the potential PR disaster that you could experience should this infestation happen. Easily removable and washable, these protectors also offer the sleeper an extra layer of warmth, comfort and support.

Why choose Richard Haworth mattress protectors

Goose Mattress Topper

Richard Haworth offers a variety of mattress protectors to suit a range of budgets and bed sizes. For those sticking to a tight budget, the quilted polypropylene protectors may be the best option: available in four sizes from single to super king, and are held in place by an elasticated skirt. However, while this polypropylene option does provide some protection against moisture and stains, the Jersey PU Mattress Protector may be the preferred option for hoteliers looking for maximum protection. The top of the range protector, the Jersey PU Mattress Protector offers full waterproofing and breath ability. With an antibacterial, anti-microbe and anti-dustmite finish, you will be sure that your guests are sleeping as comfortably and hygienically as possible, while maintaining the quality of your mattresses.

Alternatively, opt for a quilted polycotton mattress pad with a hollowfibre fill for added comfort.

Add a layer of comfort with a mattress topper

Depending on your needs, a mattress topper may be more suitable. Thicker than mattress protectors, toppers are the perfect solution if the mattresses in your guest rooms are a little worn and becoming uncomfortable, providing an extra layer of support for a great night's sleep